As anybody who has spoken to a grandparent can tell you, crossing a generational gap is never easy—and that’s when there’s already a familial connection!


These types of generational gaps also pose challenges in the business world. With Millennials fully having entered the workforce, and Gen Z hot on their heels, many firms are struggling to communicate with (and thus cater to) these new, perpetually stressed customers who need service fast.


Overhauling the way your employees use the phone can seem like a tall order. Luckily, Central Telephone, a small business phone system installer, is here to help. Below are some simple steps you can take to prepare your business’s phone operators to handle the younger crowd, whether you use a cloud-based phone system or a more traditional wiring solution.

Automate What you Can

Because younger generations were raised in a technologically advanced era, they are used to swift service. Consider implementing a voice-recognition software to your small business phone system. Such services are familiar to young customers and also will streamline your business process.

Add a Personal Touch

As obsessed with technology and speed as younger generations may seem, they still appreciate human contact and a kind word as much as anyone else. Often, too, when young people call your business, it is usually because they cannot find the information they were looking for on your company’s website—thus, they could enter a phone conversation frustrated or confused. Adding a human connection to the equation is the best way to remedy this and to also make young customers feel listened to and valued.


Though balancing the younger generations’ need for quick service and a desire for human contact can be tricky, at the very least your phone operators must learn to be polite and personable; they should appear interested in the conversation at hand.


Need Help with Business Phone Installation?

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