If your Minneapolis company that is currently going through a digital transformation, you are likely experiencing one of these two phases:


1.      You and your team are transitioning from manual processes to digital processes. For instance, you may be going from hard-copy filing to data storage.

2.      You are entering into the next level of digital transformation. Meaning, your old digital technology is dying, and you need to upgrade.


If your current transition includes your communication system, then you need to consider integrating a cloud-based VoIP telephone system into your network. Below are some practical reasons cloud-based telephone technology is the best choice for your company right now.

Cyber Attacks Are At an All-Time High

When most people think of cyber attacks, their minds defer to computers and the Internet. Yet, digital telephone systems are linked to your network. Therefore, they can create a vulnerable connection between your communication system and your main network.


A cloud-based VoIP system is far more secure than any other digital telephone system in the industry. Cloud-based systems fall under the protection of firewalls, encryption, virtual private networks, and other cybersecurity tools that create digital hedges around a company’s network. Therefore, your network does not incur as high a risk as other types of phone systems.

Cloud-Based Systems Work From a Single Platform

Imagine how simpler your communication process would be if all of your telephones, email, voicemail, conference calls, video conferencing, computers, software, phones, and tablets operated from the same platform. That’s exactly what VoIP technology does. It accommodates all devices and all telephones form a single network that allows people to access and share data.


A cloud-based telephone system allows you to establish protocols, unified processes, and corporate standards. It gets all team members on the same page regardless of their roles, departments, or locations.

Scalability: The Hallmark of Cloud-Based VoIP Communication

Have you ever relocated your business due to corporate expansion? What would happen if all of your business equipment, supplies, and furniture magically showed up at the new location and you never had to lift a finger? To go one step further, what would happen if all the new equipment, supplies, and furniture you needed for the new employees and the new building magically showed up, as well?


In the digital world, that is known as scalability. A scalable, cloud-based VoIP telephone system can instantly accommodate your business growth regardless of how sudden the growth occurs. It can easily adjust regardless of how much, how far, or in what direction your company expands. In other words, you can’t outgrow it.


What this means is that you now have a plug-n-play system that simply needs more hardware and slight configuration. You don’t have to spend hours and days and money reconfiguring the system.

Make the Switch to Cloud-Based VoIP Phone Systems

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