Is an outdated phone system limiting your flow of communication? It may be time to explore some options that you need to keep your business competitive in the modern age. Cloud-based systems offer innovative, useful features that improve productivity and collaboration in your business. Central Telephone can help you discover which features are most beneficial for your workflow each day. Five of the most practical features for companies in the Twin Cities metro area include:

1.    On-The-Go Access

You can now enable your staff to communicate as efficiently on-the-go as they can from their office. Cloud-based phone system now offers features such as ‘find me/follow me,’ call forwarding and transferring, and instant one-click controls to cut down on dialing. These features allow workers to get more done when they’re not at their desk.

2.    Simple and Easy Installation

Your biggest concern as a business owner is that it may take too much time, effort, and money to integrate cloud-based equipment into your current system. In actuality, cloud-based upgrades require little time and effort and will save you money in the long run through free services and features such as VoIP. You can install cloud-based features without disrupting your workflow.

3.    Crowd-Source Media-Driven Messaging

If you find that you and your staff are checking multiple messaging sources each day, it can get a bit irritating. Cloud-based phone systems solve this problem by reducing the number of sources you require to get voicemails, texts, emails, and instant messages. It enables users to receive a voicemail on a phone handset, a WAV file of a voice message delivered to email, and receive an SMS notification alerts on a cell phone.

4.    Audio and Video Capabilities

A business integrated instant message (IM & P feature) enables users to see their coworker’s availability in real time, whether they are in a meeting, available, or on an active phone call. It cuts down on guesswork and trying to track down someone you may need to talk to right now. You can leave a message or notifications for someone when they are not currently available.

5.    Full On-Board Controls

If you are the communications administrator in your company, web-based phone systems allow you to have complete control of the entire communication network. A central portal enables you to monitor communication without all the hassle. You can log into any portal from any location to change call routing, reset passwords, and more. You no longer need to call a service tech to do it for you.

Make the Switch to Cloud-Based Phone Systems

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