Although copper has set the standard for mass communication in the corporate setting, fiber optic cable replaces it with each new building construction or upgrade nationwide. Although fiber optic is a bit more expensive than copper, it has several distinct advantages that make it a better product.

Whether you’re launching a startup or looking to expand a well-established company, below, we explore some reasons why fiber optic cable is your best choice for wiring your communication network.

Faster Transmission

Information embedded in fiber optic cables travels just shy of the speed of light. Keep in mind; that the average internet speed is 75 to 150 Mbps. A fiber optic cable can deliver data up to 1000 Mbps. This improved bandwidth performance is far greater than the average metal wiring, allowing more data to transfer at faster rates.

In addition, a fiber internet connection significantly reduces download times. This means that you’ll never have to wait long for anything.

Less Signal Loss

One of the challenges of long-distance wiring is attenuation. The longer the cable, the higher the attenuation, i.e., the greater the signal loss. While all long wires and electrical cords experience some signal loss, fiber optics experience less than other types of communication cables.

For comparison’s sake, we know that copper cables can only transmit information up to 9 feet before signal loss takes its toll. Fiber cables, however, can go up to 25 miles with zero signal loss. No contest. 

Safety and Security

There are other reasons why fiber optic cables are the best possible option for your communication network. Fiber optics are a stable and secure material that eliminates specific communication and safety risks.

Let’s check out some examples!

Zero Electromagnetic Interference

Fiber optic cables will not interfere with one another or other surrounding cables because they do not conduct electricity. By carrying no electric signal, fiber optics provide a higher level of security than metal wiring.

They cannot be “tapped” like traditional wiring. With zero electromagnetic interference comes a higher level of security for your business.

Zero Fire or Weather Damage Risk

Fiber optic cables are not a fire hazard. Since they do not conduct electricity, you never have to worry about a surge, flame, or spark.

In addition, fiber optics are not susceptible to damage from weather, moisture, or corrosive materials.

Extremely Durable

You don’t have to worry about replacing them as often as other cables. Even though the fiber is made of glass, they are less likely to break.

As a flexible and strong alternative to metal wiring, fiber optics are much less likely to suffer any damage from inclement conditions.

Thin and Lightweight

Fiber optics are much thinner and more lightweight than copper or other metal wiring. This makes them more suitable for businesses or properties with limited space.

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