Companies in nearly every industry across the country have begun hiring new employees remotely. Remote positions are growing by nearly 60% every year as business owners are discovering that they no longer need team members on the premises.


The need for more remote systems has revolutionized communication networks, IT companies, and telephone companies that can play a central role in ensuring that all remote work - including remote maintenance and repairs - operates smoothly from the company to the remote employee to the customer or client that both are communicating with.


For this reason, Central Telephone offers cloud-based remote maintenance services for companies in the Minneapolis, area. Our services have become more valuable from a remote position as opposed to making a service call onsite every time there is a problem with the phone system.

Solving Problems From Miles Away

Thanks to the new technology, Central Telephone can now work with your in-house IT staff to address and solve communication problems from a remote location as they occur. Cloud technology gives us a central virtual location by which to share information, communicate directly, and assess technical problems instantly.


●        We can provide support over the phone.

●        We can run diagnostics through a simplified communication network.

●        Since your system is scalable, we can add features as you grow from a remote location.

●        Our technicians can provide more reliable service with less maintenance and work.

Reassign Your IT Department

Remote tech support allows your IT staff to move your company forward instead of dragging it along due to constant technical issues. You can now allow your techies to do what they were hired to do: help your company come up with innovative ideas for growth.


Central Telephone can handle all of your maintenance and repair issues, while your employees are busy handling other assignments. We can work directly with your managers or other staff to solve problems quickly with little to no disruption in the workflow.


Remote Service Works With a Wide Range of Systems

Central Telephone can provide remote service for a wide range of old and new systems that are already implemented in your facility such as:


●        IP Phone Systems

●        Hybrid Phones

●        VoIP Networks

●        Digital Phones

●        Multi-location networks


We can work through the cloud to provide ongoing maintenance as technical problems occur. Remote technology allows us to monitor your business phone systems continually so that when something goes wrong, we can handle it without any delay. Instant maintenance helps keep your company operating efficiently throughout the workday. And the best part is, you don’t have to tie up your employees’ time with phone problems. Central Telephone has got you covered all day, every day.

Cloud-Based Phone Service in Minneapolis, Minnesota

If you want to take your communication technology to the next level, then contact Central Telephone Sales and Service. We offer a wide selection of flexible, custom-designed business phone systems. Our products and services extend to businesses in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.


To find out more about our products or schedule service in Minneapolis, Minnesota, call us at 763-550-2000. You can also send a message to