If you have an operational business, you obviously have some type of viable communications system in place. The needs of different companies vary depending on size, the nature of their enterprise and the volume of incoming or outgoing contact required. A small tree-pruning business with three employees may find it adequate to have a standard phone with call-waiting and voicemail, or perhaps a mobile phone. Now consider a large e-commerce site with many dozens of employees, various departments, high call volume and a complex architecture of contact data. Performance demands will be extensive, and efficient management of these affairs can only be realized with the appropriate telecommunications hardware. Does your current phone system maximize business productivity and provide room to grow?

If the answer is "no," or you are "not sure," we invite you to contact us and explore the options that are available today. ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), Conference Servers, PC Attendants, Instant Messaging, Video Conferencing and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) are just a few of the many features incorporated into some of today’s cutting edge business communication solutions. Bluetooth, WiFi and Mobile Extensions can be integrated into your VoIP and digital phone networks for uninterrupted synchronization with your business, wherever you may be. However, the benefits of such technology may not seem instantly apparent, especially if your current system is not so equipped.

Central Telephone Sales and Service can compare the needs of your business with capabilities of your existing set-up. We can show you how to improve on certain aspects and introduce you to functionality which will become indispensable to your success. Most upgrades can utilize your existing infrastructure and cause no disruption to current service, making the process seamless and decisively valuable. Often, clients who upgrade their systems begin to wonder why they had not done so earlier!