VoIP and Cloud-based business commercial systems signed to save you money, simplify your communication protocols, and reduce maintenance and IT costs. Beyond that, however, there are several reasons to upgrade your phone system right now.


Central Telephone offers complete telephone system customization for small and large businesses. We can assess your current phone and network setup and then make the necessary telephone upgrades according to your specifications.


Below are some core reasons why upgrading your telephone equipment makes sense for your company. To find out more call us at 763-550-2000.

A Single Source for Your Entire Network


If you are in charge of the communication network in your company, you've probably experienced some of these issues with your old phone system:


●        Configuring communication between multiple facilities

●        Ongoing costly maintenance from building to building

●        Onboarding and training your entire workforce (which never seems to end)

●        Expensive IT support that leads to more questions than answers

●        Small updates that do not solve big problems


A single cloud-based VoIP system solves all these problems, by bringing all the technology together and managing it in the cloud. A simplified setup allows you to optimize features to suit your company’s specific needs.


You can coordinate incoming and outgoing calls at specified facilities or across the entire telephone network.

Streamlined Network Operations

Modern communication technology allows you to streamline all your communication devices and such as video and telephone conferencing, video monitors, chatting devices, smartphone and computers, and other interconnected equipment.


We can set up the monitors and chatting devices to be hosted on the same Internet-secure server regardless of the location.


If you need to transfer communications to another facility, there will be no difference in the way the network is set up. The system is scalable so you can add or delete features as your company grows without starting all over again.

A VoIP PBX Phone System Are Cost-Effective

80% of all companies nationwide are now utilizing cloud-based VoIP systems. As technology improves, less machinery will be needed, and the integration of all sites will become easier.


We can equip your company to handle future upgrades without taking an enormous leap. Instead of going through multiple providers to bring your network together over an extended period, you can now go through a single company to get the same results. Your company will experience fewer maintenance costs and equipment upgrades.

Are You Ready to Upgrade? Contact Central Telephone

If you have any further questions about VoIP telephone systems, then contact Central Telephone Sales and Service in Minneapolis. We provide a range of telephone products and services that give you the best options for your business.


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