Commercial buildings contain complex wiring systems. Network data, telephone, Wi-Fi access, computer networks, and multimedia systems utilize an extensive and complicated cable layout that is separate from the electrical wiring. Many companies hire in-house IT staff that can manage the entire cable network and ensure that it does not fail.


Low voltage cabling provides an energy-efficient solution that is simpler and more streamlined than traditional cabling. Central Telephone can help you upgrade to a low voltage network. We can simplify and streamline your entire system so that it’s easier to manage.


Below we explain what low voltage cabling is and why your business needs it.

What is Low Voltage Cabling?

Low voltage cabling is an electrical network that provides a reliable structure for digital technology and communication equipment to function efficiently and consistently. You can utilize low voltage cabling on all of your communication, computer, and high-end media with zero quality loss.


Low voltage wiring can be customized to suit any company’s infrastructure whether large or small. Whether your company is a startup or you are running a sizable corporation, our technicians can assess your wiring needs and build a network suited for your facility.


In any case, you will need the assistance of a certified technician who can set up the network throughout the entire building. We will have to configure the cabling layout to accommodate all technology in varying capacities.


We will equip the cabling to handle additional electrical equipment upgrades down the road as well ensure that the system is safe and well organized.

How Can Your Company Utilize Low Voltage Cabling?

Think about all the equipment in your building that requires extensive wiring. In many cases, the technology in your facility has to be connected or integrated so that the infrastructure is aligned on various levels. Low voltage cabling can handle all of it.


Some of the most common applications for low voltage include:

Telephone Systems

Whether you have a traditional phone system or you are taking advantage of VoIP or cloud-based technology, low voltage cabling can accommodate the entire network including systems in multiple facilities.


Almost every piece of equipment you use has Wi-Fi capabilities. Low voltage wiring can be used to set up or upgrade all of your wireless needs.


You may be utilizing more video and audio equipment than ever before. You may also be subscribing to cable programming across multiple screens. Low voltage cabling can be used to bridge all of your screens and your cable base.

Video Surveillance and Security

We can map out your security system including all sensors, code devices, and surveillance cameras. Low voltage cabling can be used to connect all components to a central location that handles all security and communication.

Benefits of Low Voltage Wiring

There are several benefits to low voltage wiring for your company:


●        Energy efficient

●        Easy to install and configure

●        Scalable and easy to upgrade

●        Cost-effective

●        Reliable and consistent

●        Can be used with VoIP or cloud-based systems


Central Telephone can upgrade your phone system and implement low voltage cabling throughout your building. We can also provide IT support if anything goes wrong. By installing low voltage cabling to your communication system, you will see a noticeable improvement in how well your entire network performs.

Wiring Solutions for Business in Minneapolis

Central Telephone offers complete network and wiring solutions for small and large business throughout Plymouth and Minneapolis, Minnesota. We can customize your communication and wiring to suit all your business needs.


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