The larger your company grows, the more difficult it becomes to change how you do things. When you do decide to implement new systems, strategies, or practices within the workforce, the transition has to be smooth and streamlined.


The provocation inherent in VoIP technology is figuring out how your employees will respond to the change. Even more important is projecting how a new system central to your operation will alter your company’s workflow.


That is the challenge that Central Telephone deals with every day.


Challenge accepted.


What Workflow Changes You Can Expect With VoIP


New technology always comes with its own set of surprises that you never saw coming. So it is with a new telephone system. Although there are no iron-clad projections, there are inconsistencies in the way that personnel respond to and adjust to cloud-based phone systems.


For instance:


●        VoIP Systems are Surprisingly Familiar. Most of what happens in VoIP implementation is behind the wall, so to speak. Your employees will still perform the same essential functions: making calls, using their handheld devices, and communicating with the computers.


●        Advanced Features Will be Added. Your company may have to learn how to perform functions such as digital faxing, visual voicemail, auto attendant, find me follow me, and advance conferencing.


●        Technology Convergence. Different components in your communication network will work together to form a more streamlined approach. Rather than have numerous forms of communication, the same system will handle instant messages, conference, calls, voicemail, email, or faxes.

●        Remote Access. Thanks to the cloud, your team will have access to various forms of data and communication no matter where they are. Users can now connect and share data via their remote devices.


High Volume Call Companies


Since communication is the core focus of VoIP, companies that host high-volume calls may see an enormous impact. The technology could improve operations in sales and marketing departments, as well as customer service centers, call centers, or support centers.


Whereas, was more or less a lateral move for companies making the switch, newer additions, features, and advances in central communication have upped the ante. Add the cloud to the mix, and companies can operate on VoIP network exclusively.


Users will no longer have to go through fifteen steps to accomplish a task. Central Telephone technicians can automate the hardware and software to work in the background and perform a broad spectrum of functions that were previously done by hand.


Central Telephone Can Help Set Up Your New VoIP Network


With all the features and benefits of VoIP technology, why not make the switch and simplify the workflow for your workforce. We can help you integrate the new technology without disrupting your company production.


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