Relocating your communication system can be a daunting task. There are several things you need to consider including hiring the right company to help you. Central Telephone can eliminate the difficulty involved with moving your business communication system and make your move in Minnesota seamless. Here are five way we can help make your transition smoother:


1. Plan Every Detail

Coordinating every detail in your move is the foundation for your operation being successful.  You will need to take office space, equipment, moving services, and a lot more into consideration. Contact us at the very beginning of your move so we can help you formulate a moving strategy. We can relieve you from the stress that comes with moving, as well as provide practical communication solutions for your new building.


2. Assess Requirements

Central Telephone can help you determine what the communications service requirements are for your business. With digital phone systems, rewiring your office may be an enormously expensive project. That’s why a relocation is the perfect time to switch to a cloud-based phone system, which is less expensive to set up and easier to use.


3. Set Up New System

Now that you have determined what elements of your hardware and software to keep, you need to choose which equipment or services we can integrate into your current network. We can guide you through the process to make your choices simple. Let your service know what your business needs, and we will customize the elements of your system accordingly. Our technicians will teach your employees how to use their new equipment and programs as necessary.


4. Technology Transition

Transferring your data may seem the most difficult part of the transition. Storing your data in a cloud-based phone system can eliminate any possible loss of information so we can safely and seamlessly transfer your data. Cloud-based software can also eliminate keeping your clients in limbo due to disruptions in the workflow. If you upgrade to a cloud system before your move, employees will have uninterrupted access to your phone systems as well as your data.


5. Setup Ongoing System Maintenance

Our communications technicians will continue to train your employees on the extensive features and functionalities your business has to offer. We will also identify areas in your network that need upgrades and ongoing maintenance. If you discover you have certain needs once moved into your new facility, we can fill in the gaps and create a customized communication system for your business.


Central Telephone Upgrades Communication Services in Minnesota

To upgrade your business to a cloud-based VoIP system, contact Central Telephone. We offer a broad range of commercial networking services for businesses across the Twin Cities metro area. To schedule service or an initial consultation, call us at 763-550-2000, or you can message us at We are Plymouth’s choice for business phone installation!