Many businesses are switching from digital phones to VoIP systems. VoIPs have several advantages over digital phone services. Upgrading your system allows you to utilize fewer cables and simplify the network. With VoIP systems, you only need to connect a phone, an ethernet connection, and a computer. Digital phones require cables for both voice and data. At Central Telephone, we will upgrade your communication system’s efficiency by adding high-level wiring solutions to accommodate your business.


Benefits of a VoIP System

There are many benefits to switching from a digital system to an online system. For instance, If you have employees that travel, telecommute, or are long-distance based, consider switching to a VoIP system. If you have a hosted VoIP system with the cloud, there is practically no hardware to maintain in your office except for the phones themselves. For this reason, this is the way to go for those with a small budget for upfront investments.


If you want additional phone features or a wide range of optional features, then make the change to a VoIP system. Regardless of the size of your business, these features makes our VoIP system right for you. We customize our voice systems to the client’s needs. Let’s look at this more in depth:


Less Clutter. Digital phone systems require more wires than VoIP systems. For this reason, they also need more plug-ins. If you use a hosted VoIP rather than an on-premise system, you don’t have to keep all this and other equipment in the office.


Cost Effective. VoIP systems provide cheaper calls, especially in comparison to long-distance and international calls. Also, if you need hardware for a VoIP system because you don’t use the cloud, it’s less expensive than hardware for a digital phone system.


System Backup. Phones and computers share bandwidth with a VoIP system. If your internet goes out, VoIP phones can be backed up with an internet connection. This way you don’t have to worry about completely losing service.


Easy Transitions. Digital phones are not nearly as portable as VoIP phones. Moving a phone is as simple as relocating it with a VoIP system. The phone number goes wherever the phone goes, which makes moving offices around much simpler.


Maintenance. There is virtually no on-site maintenance with a hosted VoIP. Software upgrades are automatic, the system is accessible with an administrative account, and you can install new lines speedily.


Central Telephone Upgrades Phones for Plymouth, Minnesota Business

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