There were more startups launched in 2017 than in the previous four years and 2018 looks to be even bigger for those who have a business idea. If your startup has taken root and growing faster than you expected, how are you handling your communication? After all, you have to graduate from ‘everybody just brings their cell phone’ to ‘we have a serious problem keeping up with the influx of calls.’ To help you go next level with your communication, Central Telephone can introduce you to the world of cloud-based technology.


Why a Cloud-Based Telephone System

If your startup is taking off, so is your communication. In fact, it’s probably all over the place. A cloud-based phone system will keep all your streams of communication organized in a central hub so that everyone has easy access. How do you know if you’re a candidate for cloud-based technology:


●        Your staff spends all their time answering phone calls

●        You can’t keep up with all the messages on your iPhone

●        Your customers have a lot of questions about your company and your product, and they want to talk directly to you.

●        Nobody has time to set up conference calls or configure messaging services

●        Something just jolted your business in a good or bad way, and you need reliable communication to ride the wave.


Cloud-Based VoIP Systems Are Budget Friendly

VoIP (Voice over IP) is a computer-integrated telephone system in which phone service is delivered via your Internet or local network connection. VoIP a cost-effective way for us to connect you communication to multiple office locations and remote workers. With a semi-based Cloud VoIP system, you can retrieve your calls, voicemails, and emails from your computer or smartphone via high-speed internet. Plus, save money with free long distance!


Seamless Multi-Site Communication

No matter where you work, we can connect your startup locations to one network. All communication can be seamlessly transferred from one office to another, and there’s no long distance charge to reach a co-worker. You can share a toll-free or local phone number between all your business locations. Programming is managed by your IT department or one of our certified technicians.


Cloud-Based Communication Can Help Your Startup

Take your business all the way with communication solutions from Central Telephone. Our IT specialists can customize a cloud-based telephone system that suits your startup’s needs. We offer cloud-based installation, network wiring solutions, small business phone systems, and hybrid phone systems for business owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. To schedule an initial consultation, contact us at 763-55-2000, or you can message us at