Your business is growing, and it’s time to relocate. It’s the perfect time to explore all the ways you can expand and improve your business telephone system. Central Telephone can give your communication network a complete overhaul while you’re in transition. Below are five reasons why relocation could be the best thing for your communication system. When you’re ready to take the leap give us a call. We’re here to help you on every level.


Leave the Old System Behind

Cloud-based phone systems, IT wiring solutions, and digital technology could be just the thing to boost your business into the modern age. After all, your clients and business partnerships are suffering from your old communication network, as well as your employees. If your business is growing and taking root somewhere else, then now is the time to ditch your old equipment and invest in digital telephones that equip your company for the future.


Relocation Could Save You Money

Chances are, if you’re moving into a new building, you’ll incur some expenses as you integrate your phone system into the structure. Now is the perfect time for Central Telephone to layout how your new communication network could look with a slightly higher investment. We can introduce you to a more straightforward and more accessible form of a cable infrastructure, help you discover some upgrades that will tweak the way you communicate, and take the stress of your IT guys by providing remote maintenance.


New Tech Could Spur Your Team On

People love technology. New phone equipment, a quicker turnaround in correspondence, and fresh new gadgets could be just the thing to make location transfer a little more fun. It will also breath fresh fire into the life of the building. Our technicians can show your entire staff how they can save time and effort with communication additions and upgrades. We handle both small business phone systems and corporate-sized networks. Whether you’re running your company form a single location or going multi-site, we can show you how new phones can keep the team moving forward.


Relocating Can Open Up Your Options

If your last location was stifling your technological edge, Central Telephone could prep the new site for your business growth before you start moving furniture in. We can sit down with you and go over all your communication needs through each department and room in the future facility. We can have you telephone-ready by the time moving day arrives. By allowing us to help you plan, we can work out any possible glitches or additions before you resume or normal operations.


Cloud-Based Phone Systems are Better

Beyond the hype, cloud-based systems are indeed a more practical approach that makes your communication so much easier and accessible than ever before. You can benefit from a fully-integrated system that gives you ultimate control over different modes of communication. You can take advantage of top-line business features, mobility accessories, and benefit from improved time management and higher efficiency. Plus there are tons of options for increased flexibility. Get your VoIP or Cloud-based system precisely the way you want it.


Let Central Telephone Help Make Your Move Easier!

There’s never been a better time than now to switch to cloud-based phone systems from Central Telephone. Our communication specialists can help you design a network wiring solution that works best for your business. To find out more about our advanced products and remote service, contact us at 763-55-2000, or you can message us at We service business owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.