Central Telephone Sales and Service believes that your business should always be on the front lines of communication technology. Therefore we offer four advanced upgrades that will usher you into the modern age. Once we integrate the following equipment into your communication system, your business will never be the same.


Fiber Optics

It seems that fiber optics has been around forever and yet the technology keeps reaching new heights in the communication industry. The benefits of fiber optics are endless: immune from electromagnetic interference, secure data transfer, cables are nonconductive, zero spark or fire hazards, simple installation, impressively high bandwidth over long distances. We can modernize your IP phone systems by simply adding fiber optics cabling.


Patch Panels

Speaking of fiber optics, we can set up these or other types of cables via patch panels. Our experience technicians can help you choose from a wide array of setups depending on your company’s needs. A patch panel gives you the ability to connect wires into electric sockets using any possible combination or scenario. Panels keep business phone systems organized and contained so that the wires are concealed.


Data Rack Installation

Whether you need horizontal/vertical installation, cable tray systems, or panels, we can implement data racks to your cable management setup. Data racks will ensure that the cable network is easy to expand and can be reconfigured as you go. They also make maintenance much easier while safeguarding the cables and making sure they don’t accidentally get unplugged. You can secure, bundle, and route all cords and cables in way that makes them easy to identify.


Go Hybrid!

What is your system of choice? Digital? VoIP? Analog? Why not choose any or a combination of all them using our digital hybrid phones? Our NEC SL1100, SV9100, SV8100 digital phones give you unmatched flexibility to pick and choose what type of setup is best for you. If you are using all three of these networks in your business, then our hybrid models can accommodate all of these. In the modern age of technology there’s no reason to limit your choices.


Central Telephone Sales and Service is Ready When You Are

If you are tired of being limited by your communication system, then it’s time to make the switch to the latest products by Central Telephone Sales and Service. We provide the most advanced technology in the communication industry that is specially designed to suit your specific needs. Call us today at 763-550-2000 and let us help you by integrating a custom network into your current system. We provide full phone system repair and installation as well as help move phone systems for all small and large business in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area.