Many individuals have made the switch to VoIP for their home phone connections to meet the needs of their family or at home business. However, this can only be done if the wiring from your street or telecom are disconnected beforehand. So before we move forward, it's important understand that if you're not 100% sure as to how to properly install or identify the listed parts and equipment equipment below, skip to the bottom for further assistance.


How To Connect All Home Phones to VoIP

One of the reasons why people find VoIP installations appealing is the fact that such services can provide a connection throughout an entire home (which is opposed to only one or two cordless phones.) In order to connect your home wiring to a VoIP service, you're going to need to:


●        Find The Demarc/Telephone Junction Box - In order to begin the disconnection process, you'll need to find the Demarc or Telephone Junction Box. These boxes should be found on the side of your home, oftentimes near your cable TV box.

○        Once you find the box, open it and you will find telephone wires and a ground wire. Keep your ground wire connected as a grounding source.

○        Then, identify your telephone company's lines from your home's lines and disconnect them. Doing so helps prevent interference with your VoIP system and possible damage to your equipment.

○        Wrap the disconnected wire with electrical tape to avoid electrocution. Once you're finished with this, leave a note inside the box stating that the wiring is intended for a private network and there's no need to re-connect it.

○        Close the box.


Suit Your Needs

Before making the decision to connect VoIP on your own, you'll need to consider the following:

●        If you use more than one phone line, you might have several phones within the premises. You'll need to connect the proper circuits so your VoIP can distribute its power correctly.

●        If a phone plug is near the VoIP ATA, you shouldn't have a hard time installing your system. If a plug isn't near your ATA, you might have to install another phone line. If that seems like too much work, a cordless phone might be your best option.


Connecting VoIP on your own can be an elaborate process. If you're having a hard time completing any of these steps, or simply need professionals who can properly install your VoIP service, you've come to the right place. Central Telephone Sales and Service is here to help you with your VoIP needs in the Minneapolis, St Paul, and Twin Cities Metro area. Contact us today and our professional technicians will get your VoIP system setup completed for you.