Your telephone system is one of the most important devices that keep your day-to-day business running smoothly. Because these systems serve as the cornerstone of your internal communications, you need to make sure they're fully operational so your clients and customers can reach you. However, corporate phone systems are becoming more complex and often require additional support due to their increasing complexity. Thankfully, we're going to show you some ways to reduce your repair costs and keep problems at bay.


Minimize Your Local Interference - If your business utilizes BlueTooth or other types of cordless technology, most of your troubleshooting issues can be stopped in their tracks depending on the area in which your telephones are located. With cordless phones utilizing the same type of frequency range that is reserved for WiFi technology, they can fall victim to the same type of interference issues that WiFi is susceptible to. To avoid these circumstances, try to keep cordless technology in the same area to avoid interference or signal issues.


Look Into Unified Communications - Unified Communications (or UC) are becoming the way of the future. Many businesses have started to merge their VoIP services with other communication networks, which then makes their system an all-in-one network for their telecommunication needs. Once businesses have had their UC system installed and operational, their telecommunication rollouts typically operate swiftly and efficiently. In addition to having the option of having their systems remotely operated on, businesses can have all of their systems set up at once (as opposed to being set up individually). UC changes the game as it reduces maintenance costs on several fronts, and it reduces ongoing operation costs on individual communication devices.


Have A Power Backup - An unexpected outage or power surge can easily damage your phones, wipe out their memory, or force you to re-initialize your system. However, all of these issues can be prevented if you purchase a backup power system (with surge protection) to protect your communication investments from future damage. Since the need of technology in your office is only growing, you'll notice that the need of protecting the devices is of equal importance.


Considering the information above, it's incredibly important to cut unnecessary costs that can cut into your business’s bottom line. Thankfully, Central Telephone Sales and Service is here to help you with your communication needs in the Minneapolis, St Paul, and Twin Cities Metro area. We offer decades of experience and a team of professionals who can solve the most difficult of issues. Contact us today so we can help you start saving money tomorrow.