Nobody likes a broken phone system. Whether you’re managing an office network or a home phone system, you want a constant quick connection. To maintain constant connectivity, however, it is recommended that you conduct routine maintenance. Even if you’re working with business phone systems, there’re a few things you can do to prolong your purchase’s life.


Reduce Video Usage

If your phone system comes with video support, reduce your video usage. Video can quickly reduce your system’s data allowance and it’s incredibly easy to burn through a low gigabyte-per-month allowance. While data use alone won’t cash your business phone system, constant streaming can wear down the bandwidth—creating data stalls and call drops.


Restart the System

You should restart your phone system often. This goes double for any phone system supporting smartphones. Restarting your system provides a fresh start and cleans up any bugs tied up in the system. Purge any memory reserved by connected computer programs, too, so as to reduce glitches later on while maintaining performance.


Maintain a Strong Signal

As a part of your routine office phone system maintenance, check the signal on all wireless phones. When it comes to digital phones, weak signals are battery killers. You might not need an entire phone system replacement due to bad signals, but you can certainly face a few hurdles when it comes to selecting data-efficient devices.


Update the System

Whether a smartphone update or a company-wide phone system transition, it’s important to keep the devices as efficient as possible. Phones that are updated often, will avoid annual glitches associated with carrier changes. Phone system updates spare heft expenses, and they’ll ensure consistent uptime with smaller restart needs.


Invest in Disaster Recovery

Sometimes, the best maintenance is preemptive disaster prevention. Check out your provider’s disaster prevention coverage, and strategize your workplace to handle downtime, unexpected weather, and even break-ins. If your phone system is prepared to handle disasters, it’ll spare your office hefty costs—and even damages.


In any event, it pays off to secure a consistent provider. If you’re investing time and money into a provider, you’ll likely get a few amenities well-worth the wait. Check out the many options Central Telephone Sales and Service offers, and check out our Always Up policy. When your business is supported 24/7, you never have to worry about damages and loss.