Business phones are well known for being user friendly,  but the event of a technical difficulty can oftentimes leave a business in the dark. However, it should be mentioned that most technical issues can be corrected without calling in a repair person or using tools on your equipment. With this being said, we're going to cover a few simple business phone troubleshooting issues and how they can be corrected in minutes.


  1. Dead/Noisy Phone Line - A dead or noisy phone line is a common dilemma that leaves a business wondering if the telephone company or the equipment is at fault. A phone company might claim that it's on your end and tack the problem on your business, but there's a way to solve the problem on your own. This is ue to the fact that most phones utilize a demarcation point, which is essentially the network interface. These demarcation points are labeled to indicate the phone numbers and have a cord that leads to your phone's gear. So to address your problem, find the line having issues and remove its plug. Once that's finished, simply plug in an analog phone to test the line. If the line is no longer dead or noisy on the analog phone, the problem was on your end; If the phone remains dead or noisy on the analog phone, it's the phone provider's problem.
  2. Can't Speak/Can't Hear - If your phone doesn't let you hear or speak to other people, try swapping some of the parts that one can plug with parts that function properly. This issue can easily be addressed without having to call in a repair service. If this is a problem that remains persistent, consider purchasing a cordless headset, a cordless phone, or getting a longer cord.
  3. Phone Seems Completely Inoperable - If your phone offers no voice, no ring, no display, and no lights, it may seem completely inoperable. However, the answer to this problem might be a simple five dollar solution. All one might have to do is replace the cord between the jack and the wall to solve the problem. If this doesn't do the trick, try swapping the broken phone with one that works. If the "bad" phone suddenly becomes a good phone, the problem might exist in the phone's programming. If this seems to be the case, the phone may need to be replaced or fixed by a professional.