A rotary phone circa the 1940s was quite a technological marvel in its day, but we have come a long way since then. The essential elements of these telephones were a microphone to speak into and an earphone which reproduced the voice during a call. In addition, a ringer of some type produced sound to announce an incoming telephone call, and the rotary dial was used to enter a telephone number when initiating a call. This device was connected by a pair of wires to the telephone network, and that was pretty much it.

Today’s phones, especially those used in the business sector, are quite a different animal. Dozens of buttons, LCD displays, advanced menu options and endless features comprise the typical telecommunications platform of the information age. More accurately, one can say these are application-specific computers disguised as phones.  Standard pairs of wires have been replaced by CAT5 or CAT6 data cables, and the basic telephone switchboard has evolved into an array of routers and modems, with the entirety of the Internet as its thoroughfare. Even lower-end telephony may require configuration to address all of the available functionality, and we can ensure that you are set up for optimal performance regardless of the hardware involved.

Maintenance requirements have also kept pace with the advancements in communication technology. However, notwithstanding of the age of your phone system, we have it covered. Whether an on-site service call is required, or the issue can be addressed remotely, our expert technicians are well versed in just about any system used within the last three decades. With our maintenance and repair capabilities, we can correct a minor issue before it becomes a major problem, we can remedy that unexpected ‘worst case scenario’ should it occur, and we can ensure reliable, trouble-free operation of whichever system you already have in place. Our services go above and beyond the installation, maintenance and repair of phone systems – we offer training to the end users of the equipment, provide support for product new and old, and hold our customer’s ventures in equal regard to our own.

The professionals at Central Telephone Sales and Service in the Minneapolis and Twin Cities area can assess your business or personal communication needs, extend a free quote, and install and maintain the phone system that satisfies every personal or professional requirement!