Productivity cannot occur without better communication and collaboration. But many employees are now finding it difficult to monitor and manage their communications because of the plethora of options available to them. Unified messaging systems can help streamline and consolidate communications and therefore make it easier for employees to connect.

The Problem of Multiple Messaging

Employees today can receive messages via text message, instant message, telephone communications, or video calling. They may receive these messages through personal mobile devices or at the office. All of these options do two things: they greatly reduce the chances that communications will be missed and they take up employee time by forcing them to check multiple messaging services.

When employees aren't certain where information is they might have to perform an investigation -- and, altogether, the process of communication will be far more difficult. There is also another problem: having communications in so many platforms can ultimately lead to security risks. 

Creating and Integrating a Unified System

A unified system is a consolidated platform that tracks all employees communications. From calls to instant messages, everything occurs through a single platform. This allows the employees to still leverage the benefits of different forms of communication without having the confusion that it can entail.

Unified systems can also be directly integrated into document management solutions, thereby making it easier to collaborate together on documents without potentially disrupting the workflow for other employees. This will ensure that notes and information associated with project files are also consolidated into the same system as other communications.

Managing and Maintaining Communications

One of the greatest benefits of a unified system is that it is generally a hosted or managed service. Rather than having to manage and maintain the system internally, companies instead outsource the bulk of the troubleshooting and routine tasks to their service provider. This avoids many common technology issues while also making it much easier for the employees to retain support. Further, this will reduce the amount of money the organization needs to pay to maintain their technology.

The foundation of any unified messaging system is advanced voice and video telephone technology. These will form the basis for communications and will create a standardized, easy, and stable method of communication that all employees by default.  Central Telephone Sales and Service has everything you need to modernize your telecommunications operations today.