Business phone systems such as the PBX phone system and the ip phone have been a mainstay in business communications for several decades or longer. However, it is the nature of technology to evolve, and the old gives way to the new, leaving obsolete technology to fade away. What does the introduction of new technology mean for the small business owner or for business in general? According to current predictions, the future office communications system will be affordable, easy to integrate, and easy to use. 

Wearable Office Tech

With the trend toward wearable communications devices already taking firm root in modern culture, it is only a matter of time before office communications comes through a wearable device that is compatible with the office phone or an individual smartphone. While no one predicts a complete end to the office phone, it has been stated that the phone will as much of a tool for integration as it will be a tool of communication. 

Some of the future office tech may include uniforms or uniform shirts that have communications devices built in. This way, employees will be able to answer calls and perform other functions just by getting dressed in the morning. 

The Internet of Things

According to current expert opinions, the Internet of Things will be integral to communications for the office of the future. Future technology will be connected to the internet for conformity and instant communications for everyone involved. The internet will help with the wearable, location controlled tech that is being developed now. 

Office Communications From the Car

Other experts say that the car of the future will merge with the office of the future to produce a car that drives itself and provides a work area for the passenger while he or she is on the way to work. The passenger can search Google to research or communicate on the ride to work, or enjoy the ride with lounging room. The prediction is that these cars will be on the road by 2030, will be owned by the company that the passenger is employed by, and will even provide videoconferencing for the busy professional. 

The Professional Provider

Companies will still need experienced professionals that can install, maintain, and repair office phone lines and internet. Many companies rely on Central Telephone, who has been in business since 1979, for modern service in the evolving world of tech and communications. Contact Central Telephone for a free professional estimate today.