Make a List

Take time to carefully consider what you need in an office phone system and write it down. There are several factors to consider, such as pricing, office equipment, and necessary features. 

Clear the Air

The choice is easier when you understand what you have to choose from. An office phone system can run on a PBX system, or a private branch exchange. This is the central point where incoming and outgoing calls are routed for call delivery, conference calling, call transfers, and other functions. 

PBX systems are still available through traditional systems and with VoIP services. VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and is routed through the internet line.

Now that you have these basic definitions in hand, the next step is to choose one. 

The Next Step

Although each system has its merits, the best one for your office will be the one that fits your budgets and communications needs. Any of these systems can be customized to meet specific communications needs or to address security concerns. 

  • Traditional- has been in use for decades; provides the traditional digital PBX system for office phone communications; works on a traditional landline and can provide more security than internet systems. Service providers offer line maintenance services to keep business communications flowing. 
  • Hybrid- comprised of the traditional system and the newer VoIP systems.
  • VoIP- useful in larger organizations to provide automated call responses, call queues, voicemail being sent to email, and remote access to office data. 

Business phone systems need to change as newer technologies become available. Service providers can help your business expand and grow with the use of upgrades and additions to any of the three systems listed. 

How Much is a Business Phone System?

As with other services, you get what you pay for with business phone systems. The price depends on the type of system you get and the provider that keeps the service running smoothly. There may be additional fees to consider, such as maintenance fees. You can always ask for a monthly schedule on fees and charges.

The Final Step

Once you have your list and business phone system picked out, you will have to contact your local service provider to get the process started. If you are in the Central Telephone service area, you may contact the company online  for a free quote or call them at 763.550.2000 to speak with someone immediately.