When your business needs immediate, flexible, and high-tech support, Central Telephone Sales and Service is ready to assist! We’ve been in the industry since 1979, and our company has created year-to-year solutions that match your business’s cutting-edge needs.

Providing constant sustainability for companies in St. Paul, Minneapolis and the Metro area, Central Telephone Sales and Service isn’t a stranger to innovation, constant upkeep, or sustainability. We specialize in helping business owners identify which services or phone solutions best serve their needs. Whether you are looking for maintenance or a new system, working with our long-time experts will set your business up for success.

Here are six awesome benefits our team is ready to provide for your business!

1. High-Tech Options for High-Tech Services

Carrying an extensive on-site inventory, Central Telephone Sales and Service can repair, install, upgrade, and relocate any service. By keeping the right equipment and resources ready, we provide instant cable infrastructure installation for data and voice networks alike.

The modern business world can’t sustain operations without real-time support. That’s why our phone system solutions ensure uptime, efficiency, and productivity as long as you need us.

Our longevity isn’t surprising; We conduct routine quality assessments and do things right.

2. Unmatched Reliability

Central Telephone Sales and Service is incomparable due to our 24/7 approach to industry solutions. Less us reduce stress for your business with our unmatched reliability!

Enhanced options – always available – aren’t restricted from immediate need. We understand a business’s telecom requirements and offer go-to solutions for companies needing service sustainability in rough spots.

Today’s business culture demands constant uptime, and every design, maintenance option, and installation is backed by Star2Star and NEC innovation.

Central Telephone Sales and Service operators always guarantee fast, reliable services, keeping your telecom department up and running constantly.

3. Tailored Solutions for Your Business

Few services are beyond our technician team’s capabilities, ensuring mass coverage in many industries. Central Telephone Sales and Service is continuously updating its service options, guaranteeing flexible support options capable of meeting ever-changing needs.

Building customized solutions for any unified messaging need, Central Telephone Sales and Service gives businesses sustainable activity during cloud-based phone system installation, VoIP maintenance, and regular maintenance.

4. Small Business Solutions Across Industries

We have served thousands of businesses like yours across many industries and understand that different industries have varied telecommunication needs, such as call flexibility for education, or speed and efficiency for healthcare facilities and legal offices.

From cloud-based phone solutions to premise-based systems, Central Telephone Sales and Service works to understand your specific needs and meet you where you work. We take care of every customer, focusing on telecommunications so they can focus on day-to-day business operations.

From office productivity to fitting a functional phone system into a manufacturing facility, our team finds the right solutions that work for you.

5. Customer Service and Connectivity

Central Telephone Sales and Service doesn’t put businesses on hold. Each technician specializes in the job, and every location is treated with a custom-tailored approach to the industry.

In addition, we are fully certified by the Minnesota State Board of Electricity. Fully insured and bonded, we’re a leading provider of telephone system maintenance across the government and private sectors.

6. Phone System Upgrades When You Need Them

Whether you need efficient solutions as a medical professional or attentive on-premise phones for a financial institution, our experts work closely with every customer to set you up. But what if your business’s needs change? Fortunately, we can accommodate your growing technological needs with phone system upgrades whenever you need them.

Business phone system upgrades include migrating from premise-based to VoIP systems and expanding to more robust functionality.

We can also work to replace legacy equipment with more modern equipment and software, or add remote connections to keep on-site and remote employees in sync.

Upgrade Your Business Phone System in Minneapolis

Central Telephone Sales and Service is readily accessible to meet your business’s every need by supporting customers on every project, at every turn, and across many years.

To learn more about business phone systems, connect with our experts at 763-550-2200.