For three decades, Central Telephone Sales and Service has seen the arrival and departure of many telecom companies. We’ve been through the industry, and we’ve served Minneapolis, the Metro area and St. Paul with unbeatable solutions since 1979. A lot of our success can be derived from our great resource dedication. At Central Telephone Sales and Service, our sales, maintenance and delivery of Business Telephone Equipment and Systems is our biggest boon.

Decades of Expertise

The above philosophy is telling of our industry guidance, innovation and choices. We’ve remained an industry leader for many years, and we intend to keep offering cutting-edge technology via fast, reliable services. Throughout the decades, we’ve generated an “always up” standard of business. In today’s business culture, approaches demand a tight adherence to culture. For this reason, we’re constantly designing, maintaining and installing telephone systems.

We’re specialized in Start2Star systems and NEC, and we’re always outfitting customized solutions for unified messaging. Every system guarantees constant uptime, and each is matched with Central Telephone’s 24/7 support team. Whether you need cloud coverage, on-premises support or a VoIP system, our years of practice can help.

Always Prepared with On-Site Inventory

Too many industry providers make service a long-haul endeavor. Central Telephone Sales and Service takes a different approach, offering on-site upgrades, repairs, installations and removals. Our immediate-access parts inventory, alongside an adaptable cable infrastructure, grants us full access to both data and voice networks. Central Telephone Sales and Service, one of the industry’s leading “speed providers” ensures constant connectivity. We’re fast, but we’re also reliable—and we want our customers to know it.

Persistent Services

Central Telephone Sales and Service similarly shines in its ongoing customer support. Understandably, telecom services require year-to-year coverage for information security. Existing in the industry for an unrivaled amount of time, our longevity isn’t a surprise. We take care of our customers, and we’re always available to focus on each customer’s business as a whole.

We believe businesses deserve constant attention, and Central Telephone Sales and Service, certified through the Minnesota State Board of Electricity, intends to surpass all expectations. We’re fully insured, bonded and supported by the industry’s top-tier providers, and we’re capable of serving both government and private sectors. Your telecommunication needs are our responsibility, and we understand the vast array of service options currently available. We’re persistent, intuitive and varied in service options. Contact Central Telephone Sales and Service today, and secure your business’s telecom services.