Many companies are switching to VoIP systems today not only to save on money but also to improve on productivity. VoIP technology lets you transmit your voice data over the Internet rather than traditional phone lines, but it also does much more -- because the system is entirely online, it can be customized to meet your needs.

Find Me, Follow Me

Your employees aren't always at their desks. Find Me, Follow Me is a special feature that's designed to follow your employee -- whether they're working from home, at another office location, or with a client. Find Me, Follow Me rings different numbers based on programming and schedules, so that your customers never have to go without care. 

Integrated Presence

Do your employees have to work closely with their colleagues? One difficulty is that they're often never aware of whether other employees are available to help them with their questions and queries. Integrated presence systems with VoIP telephony let employees know which of their colleagues are available and which are busy. A presence system will let them know who is on the phone and even who has set themselves to be temporarily "away."

Video Conferencing

VoIP systems are often directly integrated with video conferencing -- because the system is designed to use the Internet, it can transmit video data as well as voice. Video conferencing is far more effective in terms of productivity than audio only conferences, making it easier for employees to collaborate with their colleagues and clients. In addition to video conferencing, instant messaging features are also often available to make communication fast, easy, and versatile.

Third-Party Integration

VoIP systems today can directly integrate into customer relationship programs, ERP solutions, and more -- making it easy to launch calls and track them from your own company's platforms. In terms of customer relationship management, this makes it much easier for employees to track the history of a customer and prior contacts. For sales teams, this can be used to score leads and track customer engagement.

Every VoIP company has its own selection of services that are designed to improve your employee's productivity and make it easier for your business to function. If you want to learn more about the power of a VoIP system, contact the experts at Central Telephone Sales and Service today.