A VoIP system is the best at improving productivity -- but are you getting everything you can out of your office phone system? There are some great ways that you can improve upon the productivity and efficiency of your call routing and management, you just need to program the system appropriately.

Get Voicemails Sent to Email and Text Message

Employees often feel as though they don't have the time to sit down and listen to all their voicemails. New VoIP systems can actually transcribe voicemails into plain text and then send them to the employee through email and text messaging. This makes it easier for employees to scan their voicemail for important data, even if they're already in a meeting or with a client. Voicemails can also be emailed as audio files so that employees can listen to and verify the messages.

Forward Calls to Mobile Phones

If you have employees who are frequently on the go, you need them to be reachable through more than just their office desk. By forwarding calls to their mobile phones, you'll be able to ensure that clients and other employees are always able to reach them during business hours. This also frees up your employees to feel as though they can leave their desks as needed to work more productively. The call forwarding mechanism can also be used to forward calls to different employees depending on schedules.

Create an Automated Attendant

An automated attendant can essentially allow a business to forego a traditional secretary, freeing up your administrative assistants to focus on other things. Automated attendants direct calls as needed, giving customers easy access to any of the departments and individuals they need without having to have a person manually route calls. Not only is this easier for those calling in, but it also avoids any confusion and mistakes.

Offer Video Conferencing Options

Sometimes customers want to be able to connect face-to-face. You can talk to your VoIP service about creating a video conferencing platform for your business to easily use, for better communication and collaboration. 

VoIP systems are highly configurable and customizable. Your telephone service will be able to give you more ideas about tailoring your system to your unique business. If you want to find out more about the benefits of VoIP telephony, contact Central Telephone Sales and Service today.