When it comes to major IP phone systems on the market, the decision oftentimes boils down to the service that works best for you and your business. Thankfully, we're going to cover a few of the more popular phone systems on the market and why businesses select their service. With this being said, here's a look at popular IP phone systems on the market.

magicJack & Vonage

Out of all the phone systems on the market, many tend to gravitate towards two of the better-known services: magicJack and Vonage. Since both have a lot in common and carry their own differences, we're going to break down what they have in common and what sets them apart from one another.

  • What They Have In Common - Both services are residential VoIP phone companies focusing on US customers who happen to be looking for low cost (or free) nationwide long distance through their internet phone service. Other similarities include:
    - Utilizing VoIP adapters for utilizing their Internet phone service.
    - 30-Day money back guarantees.
    - Portable adapters so customers can utilize the service anywhere (where high-speed internet is available).
    - No minimum term commitments are involved with either of their services.
    - Both need high speed internet to function properly.
    - Both can operate without the computer being on.
  • Where They Stand Out - Both services couldn't be further apart when it comes to the quality of service, advanced feature availability, accessibility, and cost. Other factors that make them stand alone are:
    - Vonage offers its service at a monthly rate.
    - magicJack offers the magicJack Plus that brings unlimited phone service for the price of the device itself.
    - Vonage has a wide variety of calling plans and offers its adapter for free.
    - magicJack offers prepaid options for its international long distance service.
    - magicJack sells the adapter that offers free domestic long distance.
    - Vonage is willing to support other ATA compatible services.
    - The magicJack PLUS 2014 only offers free calling with the magicJack ATA.

The most important issue as far as pricing is that magicJack beats Vonage by a long shot. Since purchasing magicJack annually is cheaper than most of the Vonage monthly plans, magicJack is often the right decision for your business.

Considering the information above, it's fairly easy to find the right IP phone system that will work great for your business. Since price is usually the factor that seals the deal on the service selected, make sure you give Central Telephone Sales & Service a call when it comes down to making a decision.