Since 1979, Central Telephone Sales and Service has provided the Minneapolis, St Paul and Metro area with the latest in business telecommunications technologies. In today’s interconnected world, we rely on fast, reliable communication and the efficient transfer of information to keep the wheels of the business machine turning. Your organization cannot afford to be “on hold,” to use an industry byword, as this could result in diminished productivity and potentially reduced overall efficacy. 

We design, maintain and install telephone systems starting with wiring infrastructure consisting of Cat3, Cat5, Cat6 or fiber optic cables for voice and data. Upgrading from older configurations is another tool in our arsenal of information technology, as many of our clients may already have some type of arrangement in place. New telephone systems may include traditional PBX digital phones, cloud-based VOIP hardware, or hybrid equipment that work with traditional, VOIP and/or analog systems. Whatever the need, we can create and implement a viable solution.

With an extensive inventory of components available to us in real time, our certified technicians are able to service, repair, add on, upgrade and relocate existing communication networks. Our repair and maintenance services can either be performed on-site or remotely as dictated by the equipment, but in either case, your business operations will never be disrupted due to malfunctions or other anomalies. As your business grows, our systems can grow with it. With the addition of the IT Server programming software, your telephone architecture can be managed in whatever capacity is required, from call routing to unified messaging solutions to customized system settings.

Our company is fully certified by the Minnesota State Board of Electricity, and offers industry leading products from NEC and PolyCom for businesses of all sizes. We are bonded and insured to install and maintain telephone networks for private and commercial applications, and our customer service is among the primary forces guiding our business from its inception, through our many years of success, and into the future.

Contact the professionals at Central Telephone Sales and Service for a free quote and let us take care of all your communication needs. With over 36 years of experience and an innumerable number of satisfied customers, you can be certain that we will do things right!