Are you considering incorporating SIP trunking into your business? Streamlining your company's telecommunication services is critical, and this core technology can improve call quality, leverage VoIP power, and consolidate your communications system.

But as with every advanced technology, SIP trunking requires certain steps to be followed while it's implemented. Central Telephone Sales and Service is here to help when you need an expert in business communication systems.

Let us explain the common mistakes to avoid when implementing SIP trunking.

Ensure Your Phone System Is Compatible

First and foremost, your phone system needs to be compatible with the SIP, and you will need a PBX platform that lets your business have local lines and share external lines.

PBX digital technology can convert calls to analog to accommodate clients and customers, but keep in mind not all SIP providers are compatible with every PBX system, so make sure your trunk provider can coexist with your PBX system.

Do Your Research on Providers

Even if the SIP trunking system works well, ensuring you have the right provider is another important factor. The truth is that not every company works the same way regarding SIP trunk capabilities, definitions, and network reliability.

All of these can affect the quality and scope of the services you're getting, so we recommend finding providers that offer:

  • Security managing your services over the network.

  • Scalability and interoperability to offer support with changes for your equipment without a major disruption.

  • Reliability for the global network so you get guaranteed video and voice performance.

  • Expert customer service that offers dedicated resources and services combined with high customer satisfaction rates.

Ensure the Bandwidth Is Sufficient

SIP trunking depends on the internet, so another common mistake is not having enough bandwidth to support the system.

If you're dealing with lagging or choppy calls, this is a key indicator that your connection needs to be upgraded so you have the appropriate bandwidth to meet the number of channels you have.

Test Endpoint Connections

The great news is that SIP trunks can be used with browser-based softphones, IP phones, and mobile devices. However, you want to make sure that you test each endpoint so you know that the system is adequate.

If an IP phone is experiencing connection issues, it won't be able to connect with the SIP trunk server, so check each device for accuracy.

SIP Trunking Made Simple With Central Telephone Sales and Service

Whether switching to SIP trunking or looking for an upgrade, knowing what mistakes to avoid can help you save time and money.

Working with a local and trusted provider can make the process easier, and when you need streamlined telecom solutions in the Twin Cities, Central Telephone Sales and Service is here to help! From cloud-based phone systems to network wiring services, our specialists are here to help your business stay connected with advanced solutions.

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