Over the last few years, Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, has been streamlining the telecommunications industry by offering enhanced features and flexibility for businesses worldwide. Because more companies are turning to this advanced system, the options and features are continuing to grow, so the Central Telephone Sales and Service team is here with just a few of our experts' favorites for 2024.

Integration of AI

Virtual assistants and AI-powered bots have opened up a new realm of support and customer service options for businesses. From analyzing call data to helping with repetitive tasks, 37% of companies worldwide use this technology; it's only expected to grow with the advancement of VoIP solutions.

More Use of 5G

Because VoIP depends on connectivity, adding 5G gives it a cutting-edge option because it receives advanced efficiency and speed. Because 5G has low latency and high bandwidth, it is an ideal option to ensure your VoIP calls are uninterrupted, even in highly populated areas and peak times of the day.

Cloud Automation and Integration

The cloud is considered essential now, especially for businesses and organizations. It offers scalability and flexibility to help support their infrastructure, ensuring more data storage, security, and easier use of applications. Due to this, an expectation is to see an integration of cloud-based solutions with VoIP systems to help increase office productivity through easier collaboration and data transmission.

Increased Mobile VoIP

Being mobile is almost a mandatory option now for most companies, and because of this, apps are now available for VoIP systems. Because of the ease of use and growing demand, it is expected that more systems will become available to help provide greater accessibility to VoIP phone systems for workers and companies on the go.

Movement Toward Hosted VoIP

More businesses are moving towards hosted services because they come with lower costs and upkeep. Even large companies are looking at this option as their vendors are beginning to have to reframe their infrastructure for more demand. With its ability to be customized and the price begins to lower, this means increased use of VoIP systems, making it one of the key trends to consider.

Streamline Your VoIP Services with Central Telephone Sales and Service

These are just a few of the VoIP trends coming for 2024, and it is expected to continue growing and changing to meet the needs of companies worldwide. Whether you're looking for a VoIP installation for your business or hospitality phone system, the Central Telephone Sales and Service Team has been a trusted provider since 1979 with customized solutions to help keep you connected 24/7.

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