Workplace stress in the United States is a serious public concern. According to the American Institute of Stress, “The current stress level experienced by Americans is 20 percentage points higher than the global average.” These high levels of stress can not only lead to health conditions like anxiety and heart disease, but they also tank workplace morale and productivity.

What can be done? The answer lies in another statistic provided by the AIS: “80% of US workers experience work stress because of ineffective company communications.” Improving communications, then, has the potential to revolutionize worker well being and company culture—and there’s no better business communication platform with which to do this than NEC Univerge Blue, a hosted/cloud based phone system.

Below, Central Telephone Sales & Service, your Plymouth provider of telephone systems and more, discusses how this communication platform can create a happier, healthier workplace.

All Your Business Communication Needs, One Place

Ask anyone to name communication apps and they’re likely to rattle off quite a few off the top of their head. While this extensive list of possibilities has its benefits, it also means that workplaces can get disorganized and scattered if they use multiple. Employees can develop personal preferences for one method, for instance, which means that important messages on the others may get missed—leading to stressful miscommunications.

Enter NEC Univerge Blue, a hosted/cloud based system, and this problem becomes a thing of the past. Because it integrates video, text, and voice chat, your team will find it easy to stay on the same page, leading to stress-free workflow.

Make it a Meeting—or Don’t

As we covered in our office phone systems blog, not every communication needs to be a meeting. Too many meetings, in fact, can clog up workers’ schedules and leave them scrambling to get things done. Luckily, NEC Univerge Blue’s versatility as a business communication platform allows for multiple routes of communication. This allows you to get information out in the most efficient way and your workers to maximize what they get out of their time, leading to less stress.

Allow for Hybrid Working

When employees get to choose how they’re happiest—working from home or in the office—they feel more in control of their workdays, which in turn cuts down on stress. NEC Univerge Blue is easy to use no matter where an employee chooses to log on for the day, allowing your team freedom and the relaxed productivity that comes with it.

Central Telephone Sales & Service: For Seamless Business Communications

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