Choosing to upgrade your antiquated phone system to a new and advanced VoIP phone system will provide a wonderful boost to your business - as long as your employees know how to use it. If they don't, it will only result in confusion, loss of productivity, and poor customer service. By giving your office specialized phone training, you will empower your staff members and help them be as efficient as they can be.

Help Employees Learn the Basics

As silly as it sounds, using a new phone can be a bit confusing at first. Simple tasks like checking missed calls or voicemails can actually be quite complicated without some help. By having a phone training session, employees can quickly adapt to these new methods so that their productivity doesn't suffer. 

Tackle Advanced Features

With advanced technology comes advanced features. Phone training teaches employees how to use these features to their advantage. Things like conference servers, PC connection, instant messaging, and even video conferencing are typically non-existent on archaic phone systems, so your staff will need some help learning to use these. By practicing how to access these features on a dummy phone in training, it will soon become second nature and in turn increase efficiency.

Improve Customer Service

Accidentally dropping a call when trying to place it on hold is an extremely frustrating occurrence for your customers. In fact, 78 percent of customers have bowed out of a purchase or transaction due to a poor service experience. While it is an understandable error when using a new phone, it is completely avoidable with the right phone training. 

Increase Company Connections and Communication

By knowing how to use their phones correctly, employees can greatly improve their ability to communicate with one another. Using ordinary phones, 36 percent of employees on average fail to get in touch with their co-worker on the first try. Additionally, communication issues contribute to daily project delays in 27 percent of office workers. Phone training can eliminate these issues and help your employees communicate effectively on the first try. 

Ready to improve your company's productivity and competency on your new VoIP phones? Schedule your training session today to start reaping the benefits.