A unified business communication platform can revolutionize your team’s workflow. It makes communication—both face-to-face and via text—all the easier and provides powerful organizational tools to help everyone in your office stay on the same page. Few platforms exemplify these benefits better than NEC Univerge Blue. We at Central Telephone Sales and Service are proud to partner with this business communication platform and to bring its productivity-boosting prowess to businesses across Minnesota.

Curious about just what NEC Univerge Blue can do for you? We’re here to help. Below, we’ll discuss just a few of this platform’s many features and just how they’ll see practical use in your workspace.

Integrative Document Sharing and Protection

Here’s something that the average office telephone system can’t do: enable secure sharing of files from anywhere. NEC Univerge Blue seamlessly delivers this capability, and it does so securely, with malware and virus protection in addition to real-time backup. In plain English: it protects your files from the bad stuff while also making sure you don’t lose information should something go wrong.

As a bonus, this protective capability integrates seamlessly with tech your office is probably already familiar with, such as Microsoft Office and Outlook. Getting everyone on-board with NEC Univerge Blue will be easy, as it functions as an extension of what you already use.

Virtual Meetings and Conferencing

Getting the whole team together is complex enough as it is; you need a business communication platform that makes it easier. NEC Univerge Blue provides unparalleled support for your next virtual conference and meeting, which is more important than ever in today’s hybrid-heavy workflow. Host anywhere from 2 to 200 participants for productivity achieved your way. For those who can’t make it, AI-provided meeting transcriptions catch them up so that your workspace is always on the same page.

An Innovative Business Telephone System

Of course, you still need a telephone system as a business to care for clients in today’s modern world, and NEC Univerge Blue offers a shockingly easy-to-use cloud phone system and communication tech on top of its other features, making it a truly comprehensive business solution. Contact monitoring and smart routing tech makes customer management easy, and unparalleled scalability makes it a no-brainer.

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