Whether it's a factory setting or a retail store, your business probably has an intercom system – if not for practicality, for safety's sake. But did you know these systems can do much more than simply broadcast a message from the back room? 

As technology advances, intercoms are becoming more than a staple in the working world; They are a way to get a leg up on the competition and make a business more efficient. That is, if you have the right technology and know how to use it!

Working with an experienced consultant like Central Telephone Sales and Service is the way to go if you want to identify the right tech for your needs and make it work for your business. As your Minnesota provider of telephone systems and communication solutions, we’re here to help! 

Let us teach you how to use your business intercom to improve your company's workflow.

1. Buzz In, Buzz Out

Security is always important for businesses. When you've got assets to protect, you can't just let anyone into the premises! That being said, companies today need to let more and more people in and out of their facilities than ever. 

With the sheer volume of deliveries you probably have coming in, you're constantly letting people in and out, and if you don't have a quick way to assess them for security's sake, you'll no doubt find your workflow drastically slowed.

Intercoms are a frequently used solution. They allow you to inspect visitors from other locations within your business, permitting seamless visitor screening and workflow.

If you're concerned about increasing productivity, unified messaging systems can help.

2. Play Music

Lots of companies can benefit from the pleasant atmosphere that mood-appropriate music provides. In fact, according to Psychologist World, "music can reinforce a message and emphasize the influence of the entire, holistic shopping experience on customer behavior." 

Music not only makes customers feel at home but also serves as a valuable tool retailers can use to influence the shopping experience. Intercoms make playing a curated playlist throughout your store simple. They can even account for interruptions if you need to use them for their intended paging purpose. 

If your store is looking for an all-in-one solution to both influence customers and facilitate employee communication, an intercom is where it's at.

3. Take Advantage of Pre-Recorded Messages

Central Telephone Sales and Service provides intercoms to play pre-recorded messages throughout a store. This has numerous implications for worker productivity and safety. 

For instance, in an emergency, management won't need to read instructions immediately but can rely on a much less stressful pre-recorded alternative.

4. Improve Efficiency

The fact is, when you have a large business, getting information to other sectors of the property can be time-consuming if you have to use emails or handheld devices because the individual on the receiving end may not get the message right away.

Intercoms are a great way to convey information quickly, making two-way communication much faster and improving efficiency through the paging system or announcements. 

It also helps your customers because they get the support they need in the locations they need much more quickly, giving your business a higher customer satisfaction rating.

5. Reduce Liability Risks

This one can't be overstated enough: You want to do everything possible to minimize your property's liability risks. 

From workers' compensation claims to customer incidents, if they find your business negligent in some way, it's going to be on you. This is especially true where there are restricted areas, or you have high volume shopping, and you need that extra layer of security. 

Using an intercom system can give you a quick way to check in or alert employees with specific codes to potential issues caught on video cameras or visually, making them an integrated part of your security system and minimizing the risks.

Your Business Communication Experts in Minnesota 

Utilizing your intercom system can save you time and money, and working with an expert can help streamline the process. Since 1979, the Central Telephone Sales and Service team has been setting the standard for expert installations, and we are here to help!

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