Productivity is a business buzzword today more than ever. With modern technology speeds and increased customer demands, companies everywhere are striving to get more done, and quicker.

But a high productivity level can’t be expected out of employees if they don’t have the right communication tools to make it happen. The swift and accurate transfer of information, as well as that information’s accessibility, play a key role in creating an efficient, speedy workforce. Below, Central Telephone Sales and Service, Plymouth providers of telephone systems and communication solutions, details our top picks for productivity-boosting tech.

DAS Systems

Though they’re only necessary in certain situations—as we discuss in our business telephone system blog—distributed antenna systems can revolutionize the productivity levels of the businesses that they help. By harnessing the power of pre-existing cell service spots, they essentially serve as cellular amplification devices, creating an area of uniform coverage in even the most crowded or concrete-surrounded buildings.

Distributed antenna systems fix problems related to cell service. If your employees tend to use their smartphones to get work done, for instance, but struggle with patchy coverage, DAS just might be the communication upgrade for you.

NEC Univerge Blue

Less of a hardware device and more of a business communication platform, NEC Univerge Blue is your one-stop solution for all your business’s communication and information-storing needs. From providing accessible file backup to providing a single spot for your entire business to remotely gather, NEC Univerge Blue can make getting information from point A to point B easier on a number of levels—and increase worker productivity in a similar way. Learn more about this product in our blog on the subject!

A State-of-the-Art Telephone System

In some cases, there’s nothing like a good, customized business telephone system to give your workers the leg up they need. Every business is an individual, after all; if it finds it simply needs an improvement on communication infrastructure that’s already in place, that can sometimes be the most no-catch solution of all.

Central Telephone Sales and Service is proud to provide business phone systems of all shapes and sizes, from more traditional models to newer, cloud-based telephone solutions. No matter the tool your company needs, we’ve got the expertise to provide.

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