Productivity is a business buzzword today more than ever. With modern technology speeds and increased customer demands, companies everywhere strive to get more done and quicker. But employees can't expect high productivity if they don't have the right communication tools to make it happen. 

The swift and accurate transfer of information, as well as that information's accessibility, play a key role in creating an efficient, speedy workforce. 

Improving Productivity Through Unified Messaging Systems

As we know, productivity can only occur with better communication and collaboration. But many employees are now finding it difficult to monitor and manage their communications because of the many options available. 

Unified messaging systems can help streamline and consolidate communications, making connecting easier for employees.

The Problem of Multiple Messaging

Today's employees can receive messages via text, instant, telephone, or video calling. They may receive these messages through personal mobile devices or at the office. These options do two things: They significantly reduce the chances that communications will be missed and take up employee time by forcing them to check multiple messaging services.

When employees aren't certain where information is, they might have to perform an investigation, and the communication process will be far more difficult. Another problem is that having communications on so many platforms can ultimately lead to security risks. 

Creating & Integrating a Unified System

A unified system is a consolidated platform that tracks all employees' communications. From calls to instant messages, everything occurs through a single platform. This allows the employees to leverage the benefits of different forms of contact without the confusion it can entail.

Unified systems can also be directly integrated into document management solutions, making it easier to collaborate on documents without disrupting the workflow for other employees. This will ensure that notes and information associated with project files are consolidated into the same system as other communications.

Managing & Maintaining Communications

One of the greatest benefits of a unified system is that it is generally a hosted or managed service. Rather than overseeing and maintaining the system internally, companies outsource most of the troubleshooting and routine tasks to their service provider. 

This avoids many common technology issues while making it much easier for the employees to retain support. Further, this will reduce the amount of money the organization needs to pay to maintain its technology.

Advanced voice and video telephone technology is the foundation of any unified messaging system. These will form the basis for communications and will create a standardized, easy, and stable method of communication for all employees by default.  

Central Telephone Sales and Service, Plymouth's telephone systems and communication solutions provider, has everything you need to modernize your telecommunications operations!

Boost Worker Productivity With Communication Upgrades

Whether you're looking for cloud-based, premise-based, or indoor cellular solutions, we can recommend productivity-boosting communication tech.

Indoor Cellular Solutions: DAS Systems

Though they're only necessary in certain situations (as discussed in our business telephone system blog), distributed antenna systems can revolutionize the productivity levels of the businesses they help. 

By harnessing the power of pre-existing cell service spots, they essentially serve as cellular amplification devices, creating an area of uniform coverage in even the most crowded or concrete-surrounded buildings.

Distributed antenna systems fix problems related to cell service. If your employees tend to use their smartphones to get work done, for instance, but struggle with patchy coverage, DAS just might be the communication upgrade for you.

Cloud-Based Solutions: NEC Univerge Blue – we do not broadcast Univerge Blue since we sell many different Hosted phone systems.  Please make sure this is removed and is more generic to the brand/manufacturer.

Less of a hardware device and more of a business communication platform, NEC Univerge Blue is your one-stop solution for all your business's communication and information-storing needs. The design offers enhanced features, including:

  • Streamlined technology for seamless contact center management.

  • Extensive webinar capabilities, including registration and invitation pages.

  • HIPAA-compliant visual and audio.

  • File sharing, sinking, and storage with enhanced security.

NEC Univerge Blue can make getting information from point A to point B easier on several levels and increase worker productivity similarly. If you are curious about how NEC Univerge Blue can help your business, learn more about this product in our blog on the subject!

Premise-Based Solutions: State-of-the-Art Telephone Systems

In some cases, there's nothing like a sound, customized business telephone system to give your workers the leg up they need. Every business is an individual, after all; If it simply requires an improvement on the communication infrastructure already in place, that can sometimes be the most no-catch solution.

The building's premise systems are physically installed and connect the employee's desk phones to the office data. While they require a traditional voice connection, they can be upgraded to route calls over the Internet. The system offers multiple affordable features that give you more control over adjustments or upgrades, ensuring your communications are up-to-date and secure.

Easy Ways to Improve the Productivity of Your Company's Phone System

A VoIP system improves productivity, but are you getting everything you can from your office phone system? 

There are some great ways to improve the productivity and efficiency of your call routing and management; you just need to program the system appropriately.

Get Voicemails Sent to Email & Text Message

Employees often feel they don't have the time to sit down and listen to all their voicemails. New VoIP systems can transcribe voicemails into plain text and then send them to the employee through email and text messaging. This makes it easier for employees to scan their voicemail for essential data, even if they're already in a meeting or with a client.

Voicemails can also be emailed as audio files so employees can listen to and verify the messages.

Use Mobile App

If you have employees frequently on the go, you need them to be reachable through more than just their office desk. By forwarding calls to their mobile phones, you'll be able to ensure that clients and other employees can always reach them during business hours. 

This also frees your employees to feel they can leave their desks as needed to work more productively. The call forwarding mechanism can also be used to forward calls to different employees depending on schedules.

Create an Automated Attendant

An automated attendant can essentially allow a business to forego a traditional secretary, freeing up your administrative assistants to focus on other things. Automated attendants direct calls as needed, giving customers easy access to any departments and individuals they need without having someone manually route calls. 

Not only is this easier for those calling in, but it also avoids any confusion and mistakes.

Offer Video Conferencing Options

Sometimes customers want to be able to connect face-to-face. You can talk to your VoIP service about creating a video conferencing platform for your business to use for better communication and collaboration easily. 

VoIP systems are highly configurable and customizable. Your telephone service will be able to give you more ideas about tailoring your system to your unique business. If you want to learn more about VoIP telephony's benefits, contact Central Telephone Sales and Service today.

Removes the Distraction With Priority Call Settings

Implementing priority calling helps employees not miss any important incoming calls. It allows them to set up alerts so the phone only rings when the person they expect comes through. This also enables using the do not disturb option and letting them stay focused on the task at hand.

CRM Enhancement

CRM stands for customer relationship management, and its design is to enhance your sales funnel by storing budgets, projections, purchase orders, and customer information for easy access. This information is often in the cloud; some providers have plugins to integrate into the phone service, so the customer's information can be pulled up faster and, in some cases, uploaded before their call is answered for optimal efficiency and service.

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