Does your office suffer from patchy cell signals? Is your apartment building situated in such a heavily populated area that tenants complain of poor service? While they’re not be-all-end-alls to every cell signal problem imaginable, distributed antenna system installations, like those from Cel-Fi and Central Telephone Sales & Service, can help restore normalcy and strength to any inconsistent signals.

Wondering if a distributed antenna system could get your business on the right track again? Central Telephone Sales & Service is here to help. Below, you’ll discover a few key indicators that this might just be the perfect communication solution for you.

Your Building Suffers From “Dead Zones”

Whether in parking garages or basement storage rooms, many businesses have coverage dead spots, so much so that it’s almost normalized. But it shouldn't be! Even if nothing majorly important goes on from a business standpoint in these areas, it’s critical that your employees, visitors, and tenants have access to their cell phones twenty-four-seven so that they can call for help if something dangerous occurs.

Distributed antenna systems can fix dead zones in a snap, so if your business is allowing this safety hazard to progress, you need an installation pro out—and fast.

Your Building Has Huge Guest Lists

Areas like stadiums and sports facilities might have coverage that works just fine on off days. Still, standard-strength cell signals might not be enough when the fans roll in, especially since everyone wants to post on social media about the game. Many buildings in such neighborhoods also make great use of concrete as a building material, heightening the potential for coverage problems.

These spaces can benefit hugely from a distributed antenna system—and by proxy, so can fan satisfaction and the profits of the team the building harbors.

Your Building Is Made of Coverage-Blocking Materials

Such materials include, but are not limited to, concrete, metal, and brick. While cell signals can deal with a variety of objects, put enough of that tough stuff in their way, and you’re bound to get coverage issues. Hence, many more dead zones crop up near a building’s center than around the campus periphery. If you run the office equivalent of an impenetrable medieval castle, a distributed antenna system company can help your communication system circumnavigate the challenges that come with it.

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