No matter if you’re a business working to adhere to OSHA regulations or simply a school out to support its students, widespread cell coverage is critical to maintaining a safe space for those your entity associates with, both psychologically and physically. Promoting this safety is more than the ethical thing to do; it can also eliminate the stress, shame, and reputation loss that comes with dealing with a dangerous situation that could have easily been prevented.

Central Telephone Sales & Service is here to help your business take advantage of great coverage with our distributed antenna systems. Below, you’ll learn just how these systems can keep your workers or tenants safe when push comes to shove.

Ensure Help Can Always Arrive

Dead zones—areas where your building doesn’t receive cell coverage at all—aren’t just irritating; they can be downright unsafe. Having a cell phone to contact emergency services is as good as useless if the call can’t get through. Making this hypothetical situation worse, dead zones tend to occur in areas where few people are around, such as darkened parking garages or downstairs storage chambers.

Distributed antenna system installations, like those provided by our favorite brand Cel-Fi, amplify pre-existing signals to create widespread areas of consistent coverage. No matter what happens to your workers or tenants, no matter where they are, they’ll be able to reach out in an emergency.

Help Families Stay Together

Large sporting events are a popular family-friendly way to spend an evening. That being said, it’s all too common for someone, especially a child, to get lost in the hustle and bustle, and without cell coverage, what should have been a wonderful evening could turn into an anxiety-ridden one all parties would rather forget.

Distributed antenna system companies can help ensure widespread connectivity throughout your stadium or sporting arena, ensuring that families have the resources they need to stick together and enjoy the event without stress.

Promote a Safety Culture

Even if there isn’t a current problem, distributed antenna systems also work wonderfully in a preventative sense. For example, in dangerous situations, such as working with some types of factory machinery, employees need to ask a team member for help if they are unsure about something—and to ask someone, they need connectivity from a distributed antenna system. Far too many accidents in the workspace occur because an employee didn’t have a superior readily available; don’t let another happen in your workspace.

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