Distributed antenna installation solutions from Cel-Fi and Central Telephone Sales & Service can solve connectivity problems in a snap. By amplifying pre-existing cell signals, they ensure everyone in a given building gets great coverage, no matter where they happen to be in the facility.

Curious if this may be the solution you’ve been looking for for your spotty service? Below, we’ll discuss a few spheres of work that may benefit from this tech – though, of course, this list is non-exhaustive.

Let’s dig in!

1. Small Restaurants

You may ask yourself, why would a mostly hands-on, craft-based business need to address connectivity issues?

The facilities are rather small, and much communication takes place internally in a group of tight-knit staff. Business phone systems used to take orders may not use cellular service, but payment processing might!

Indeed, mobile payment options, such as touchless pay, are becoming more and more commonplace. In some restaurants and other hospitality facilities, you’ll even see mobile devices taking the place of cash registers entirely.

A small food business striving to keep up with the times must provide customers with the cell service they need to make payments using this avenue or risk backup and frustration.

Luckily, a distributed antenna system installation from Central Telephone Sales & Service could be just the ticket to the swift, steady service.

2. Small Retailers

With a small staff and lots of customers to attend to, boutiques and personal shops need to work faster than ever to provide the type of service the modern-day client expects.

Mobile payment solutions are a great avenue to pursue, but sturdy, failsafe cell service from a distributed antenna system installation might be a prerequisite in many cases, especially in poorly served areas.

3. Mechanics

Another trade that has taken advantage of digital tech: car mechanical shops.

Numerous diagnostic devices are now commonplace, enabling faster-than-ever service, but these devices can interfere with cell service, disallowing customers from making important calls or paying via mobile means.

DAS installations are the perfect solution.

4. Healthcare Facilities

They might not fall under the small business category, but many hospitals are notorious for their surprisingly poor cellular reception.

Why? Because they’re constructed from materials – steel, concrete, brick, aluminum, etc. – that naturally impede cell signals.

Hospitals also contain copious amounts of electronics and technology that can easily interfere with cellular coverage in several locations throughout a given building. Other types of smaller healthcare facilities, including urgent care centers, surgical centers, and more, also tend to have similar cell reception issues.

Unfortunately, those issues can prevent facility staff, patients, and visitors from communicating via cellular devices in a timely fashion, as is so often necessary in many healthcare settings. Distributed antenna systems can easily solve that communication crisis.

5. Manufacturing Facilities

Like any small business that relies on technology and machinery to function, manufacturing facilities often suffer from poor cell service due to the sheer amount of electronics they contain.

And when staff members rely on their cell phones for both business-related and personal communications, having reliable coverage is paramount. That’s especially true if employees use company-provided cell phones for the majority of their communication needs or if on-site staff must communicate with delivery or service staff out in the field.

Ensuring a consistent cell signal in these facilities can be simple, too, and owners and/or managers can achieve this with a DAS solution.  

Could your business benefit from a DAS solution? Chances are it could if you’re facing one of these signs your building needs a cell phone booster

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