Perhaps it started with Apple’s slogan way back in the day— “There’s an app for that”—but nowadays, it seems that many people hold the mindset that apps can solve everything, including poor cell signals.

As telephone system installers and aficionados, we’re all for improving lives with technology. But we also know that cell signal is one thing that a cellular-based application can’t fix; It’s a problem that requires a much more in-depth solution.

As your Plymouth provider of everything from business phone relocations to network wiring services, Central Telephone is happy to be your guide for technology solutions. Let’s dive into the topic of cell signal booster apps, why they are ineffectual, and what the proper solution is instead!

Single Cellular Devices Can’t Manipulate an Entire Cell Tower

Cellular service doesn’t come from your cell phone itself; it’s something your phone gets. There’s a reason people say “I don’t have service” instead of “my phone isn’t making service”! Indeed, cell service comes from towers—those large, spire-shaped things that light up at night. You pay your provider for access to its service.

Because these towers are separate entities from your phone, the former being managed by a company, you can’t command them with a single cellular device or a special application on that device. (Imagine if such a feat could actually be accomplished!) We can only assume there’d be pandemonium as businesses and families fought for the best applications to get themselves the best service.

Cell Service Is Determined by Non-Modifiable Aspects

Everything from your phone’s antenna to the distance you are from a tower to the walls surrounding the device in question can affect the strength of your cell signal. And none of these elements can be changed by an application that solely operates in the digital sphere.

Suppose your business phone system suffers from a poor cell signal. In that case, you need something that tackles the problem at its root by interacting directly with the cell signal and not remaining “trapped” within an individual device.

Distributed Antenna System Installation: A Solution for All Businesses

Luckily, all is not lost if your cell-based company phone system has problems with its service; you just don’t have the proper infrastructure. A distributed antenna system installation captures and amplifies weak cell signals, giving your building or business the robust coverage it needs to get things done. Learn more about this technology from our brand of choice, Cel-Fi.

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