No matter what field your business is in, its call center serves as a critical liaison between your company and your customers. Especially if you don’t have face-to-face contact with the end users of your products, this is the one shot your brand has to make a positive impression on clientele. Smart businesses know this, and they constantly strive to better their communication technology to ensure smooth workflow and happy, connected customers.

Central Telephone Sales & Service is here to help your business do just that. As a Plymouth provider of digital phone systems for small businesses, we’ve helped countless companies just like yours improve their communication for better customer relations. Below, we’ve got a few tips and tricks for using tech to make for faster and clearer call center service.

Consider a Business Communication Platform

Call center an organizational mess? Perhaps you need a business communication platform to provide a little more structure. Despite their name, these platforms don’t just handle B2B or internal interactions. The right one can also work synergistically with a call center, helping to distribute calls and facilitate worker access.

NEC Univerge Blue, which Central Telephone Sales & Service is proud to partner with, is a perfect example of this. This platform enables workers to answer calls from their smartphone, desktop phone, or VoIP connection, allowing for maximum flexibility in the office space. It also features automatic call distribution, which “can be synchronized based on select function, region, time of day, and by organization - or industry-specific criteria,” according to the brand’s official website. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what it can do!

Allow Remote Work With the Proper Tech

Remote work wasn’t just trending during the pandemic; its benefits, such as decreased employee stress and thus higher productivity, are here to stay. However, making the switch to home-based work will be anything but stressless if your workers don’t have the right tech to aid them.

Consider a platform like NEC Univerge blue that, as we said above, facilitates multi-device access, if you want to take advantage of this productivity-boosting work style.

Boost the Accuracy of Call Center Data

Without well-organized data, you can’t tell where your call center is succeeding—and where it needs a little help. With NEC Univerge Blue’s centralized call data, though, you’ve got all the information that you need in one place, allowing for easy analysis.

NEC Univerge Blue and Central Telephone Sales & Service: Create the Perfect Call Center With us Today

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