The rise of smartphones has done wonders for the productivity of businesses everywhere. Now workers can take calls throughout their building and take advantage of all the slick new apps that help with their daily workflow. Off the clock, the same people enjoy recreation and the comfort of communicating with loved ones, no matter where they’re at.

But what happens when the cell signal goes down? Patchy service in a building can lead to tanked productivity and worker frustration, and it can be a security risk in apartment building parking lots or areas where dangerous jobs are performed.

Luckily, Cel-Fi and Central Telephone Sales & Service are here to solve the issue of spotty connection once and for all. Below, our team of telephone system pros will dive into the ins and outs of this revolutionary technology—and show you exactly how it fixes finicky cell service.

What Is Cel-Fi?

Cel-Fi is a company that makes distributed antenna systems. Distributed antenna system installations, also known as DAS for short, serve as coverage amplifiers, taking the existing coverage and extending its strength to solve the issue of dead spots.

When you use one of these to solve your coverage problems, you won’t need to deal with the hassle of changing providers—sometimes only to run into the same lack of coverage you had before. Given that most cellular towers are outside and must project their signals through walls and obstacles to reach their destination, weakening them in the process. A new cell service provider isn’t always the right solution, but Cel-Fi is, as it attacks the problem from a more logical angle.

Why Cel-Fi?

Of course, if you’re looking for cellular telephone system solutions, you’ve got options aplenty. Why does Cel-Fi outshine them all, and why is it the perfect fit for your business?

It’s Digital, so It’s Scalable

With old-school communication technologies and solutions, it often was necessary to invest in loads of infrastructure to achieve the desired result. Cel-Fi, though, is a product that’s thoroughly anchored in the modern world. Thanks to its heavy reliance on digital tech, it is supremely scalable, shifting and changing effortlessly with your business’s coverage needs.

Installation Is a Cinch

Central Telephone Sales & Service, as Cel-Fi installers, are proud to provide rapidfire service—but Cel-Fi itself is also inherently quick to install, courtesy of its online BOM estimator. This helps installers like us select the perfect equipment to satisfy your needs, cutting down on installation time and getting you results quickly.

Central Telephone Sales & Service: Your Preferred Cel-Fi Installers

Aside from providing superior digital phone systems for small businesses, our business phone system pros also are happy to provide the Cel-Fi solution your company needs for success. Give our Plymouth office a call today at 763-550-2000.