If you're still stuck on an old phone system, you're missing out on myriad opportunities to help your business excel. Traditional phone systems are bulky, inefficient, and require a physical wired connection from the phone directly to the main line. By upgrading to a VoIP phone, you can help your business boom in ways you never thought possible.

1. Employees Can Work From Anywhere

Ideally, you might like all of your employees to work in the same place. However, with a VoIP phone, you can connect workers all across the world. This means you can hire the most skilled people for the position without regards to their location, giving you a workforce that is superior. VoIP phone systems let you attach any phone, meaning you can set your smartphone, home phone, or other device to ring when you're receiving a call to your work number.

2. You'll Have New and Advanced Features

Quite simply, VoIP technology offers a plethora of features that just aren't available with traditional phone systems. These are guaranteed to provide a more efficient work environment and forge better connections between your company and your clients. Instant messaging allows employees to quickly check in on each other, while video conferencing means that people across the world can meet face to face. Other features, such as voicemail to text, call forwarding, desktop sharing, and the ability to access voicemails from any device, make the daily grind much easier to manage.

3. Analyze Incoming Phone Calls

With a traditional phone system, it can be laborious to track caller data. However, with cloud phones, it is quite easy to get statistics on calls. You can record what time of day your customers call, how long calls last, and which numbers are the most frequently dialed. This can go a long way in helping you improve your customer service by creating an experience specifically detailed to the needs of the average customer. 

4. Create New Extensions With Ease

In the past, adding a new extension to your office required a lot of time and money, as it had to be physically hardwired in. VoIP phones take the hassle out of this, as adding a new extension simply requires changing a few settings. Now you can create extensions for all of your new employees so that everyone can be reached directly without dialing the main receptionist.