In today’s era of rapidfire communication needs and high productivity requirements, it’s no wonder that NEC Univerge Blue arose as a solution. By consolidating all of your communication needs—voice, video, text, file storage and more—onto one platform, it’s a great way to streamline both internal correspondences and the customer experience.

All businesses are a fit for NEC; who wouldn't benefit from easier communication? However, there are situations and companies wherein this technology can actively solve problems—and Central Telephone Sales & Service, your Plymouth provider of company phone systems, describes them below.

Businesses With Tech That Wastes Time

The whole point of virtual communication is, at the end of the day, to save time—be that in travel or in the speed of messages sent. However, it’s all too common for non-unified communication systems to actually waste time, not save it. Different departments, for example, sometimes use entirely different applications, and getting everyone on the same page can take valuable meeting minutes. Too, switching constantly between apps takes up more time than you think!

If your tech is turning into a time vampire, NEC Univerge Blue is the all-in-one business communication platform that you need to reclaim your workday’s lost hours.

Retail Companies Looking to Up Their Service

Retail joints are running at a faster rate than ever to keep up with their customers; your company needs a business communication platform that can keep up. With NEC Univerge Blue, you can empower your sales team with the information they need; they can access real-time info on stock and reach all of their colleagues from wherever they are on the sales floor. No more leaving a customer hanging!

Healthcare Companies who Need to Streamline Their Operations

Information is key to ensuring a patient’s welfare, but it’s far less valuable if it can’t be communicated quickly in times of crisis. With NEC Univerge Blue, call-routing and presence-based potentials mean that your staff can get where they need to be all the quicker. Plus, automated calls can provide callers with a degree of self-help, so that you can save your staff’s valuable attention for those who need it.

On top of all that? NEC Univerge Blue’s ultra-secure protection for records and data means that your hospital gets some much-needed peace of mind.

Central Telephone Sales & Service: Your Preferred NEC Univerge Blue Providers

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