Business communication platforms are the hot new way to do everything from voice calls to video chats—and for good reason. With their infrastructure savings and friendly, familiar UIs, they’re great ways to make working as a singular team all the easier.

In an increasingly competitive market, though, one such platform stands out above the rest: NEC Univerge Blue. As a business telephone system solution provider, we at Central Telephone Sales & Service are proud to partner with this amazing brand to deliver comprehensive, scalable, and safe communication potential to small and large businesses alike.

Read on to discover what NEC Univerge Blue is, and why it’s this business phone system services provider’s top pick.

NEC Univerge Blue Is an All-Around Communication Solution

Business communication platforms specialize in versatility; they’re great at providing businesses with a variety of communication routes in one place. But no platform does this quite like NEC Univerge Blue. With so many integratable apps and program features at your disposal, getting info out and taking info in is as seamless in the digital world as it is in the physical one.

Indeed, from HIPAA-compliant audio and visual to a cloud-based customer contact center to file sharing, NEC Univerge Blue’s applications are so vast that the platform is suitable for nearly any industry. Top that all off with the fact that it integrates with a variety of office applications and you couldn’t ask for a better communication solution.

NEC Univerge Blue Is Seamless Scalability

Communication infrastructure can get pricey, and the technical process required to expand your system can be complex. Not so with NEC Univerge Blue! With a variety of payment options available and the inherent adaptability of cloud-based systems, this is communication technology that actively supports your business at every stage of its growth. This is immensely useful for startups, as the investment required to obtain such scalability is small.

NEC Univerge Blue Is Peace of Mind

Though this business communication platform is streamlined, it never compromises on safety to get there. From backup to antivirus tech in its file sharing to two-factor authentication, NEC Univerge Blue provides you with a variety of ways to make sure everything your business does is safeguarded and that you have access to the files you need when you need them the most.

Central Telephone Sales & Service and NEC Univerge Blue: A Winning Combination

Curious if NEC Univerge Blue may be right for you? Central Telephone Sales & Service would love to help explore your options. To take your business communication to the next level, give our Plymouth office a call today at 763-550-2000.