In healthcare, an informed and synergized care team is essential for a patient’s wellbeing. Not only that, but when all employees are on the same page, the worker stress that can run so rampant in hospitals these days is drastically reduced.

This synergy is accomplished via communication, and as the business telephone pros, we at Central Telephone Sales and Service are experts in this respect—so join us below for a few tips and tricks on how to make sure your healthcare team remains at the top of their game.

Training Is Paramount

Maintaining a communicative workforce in a hospital setting can be quite tricky—trickier than in other industries, arguably. This is because the environment is naturally fast-paced, lives can sometimes be on the line, and patient privacy protection laws are necessarily stringent.

Whatever communicative method you use, be it a hospital phone system or more desktop-centered, your staff thus needs up-to-date training; they must feel nothing but confidence using the technology. In a space of so much hustle-and-bustle, your communication system must provide order, not increase chaos.

Luckily, Central Telephone Sales and Service provides one-time or ongoing training sessions to help our clientele get the most out of their telephone system investment. When you work with us, a well-trained team is just a phone call away.

Consolidate Communication Methods

When information is communicated over only one of a multitude of platforms, crucial points can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. No matter the preferred method of accessing that information, each individual employee needs quick and accurate access to it. Hence, it’s helpful for hospitals to consider consolidated communication platforms, like NEC Univerge Blue, which is both HIPAA-compliant and offers great multi-platform capabilities.

Use the Right Channel for the Right Purposes

Complicated patient instructions, for example, might be best conveyed in voice chat so that staff can ask real-time questions and avoid misinterpretation. Policy updates, on the other hand, might simply need to be emailed out, with information listed at the end for staff members with questions.

Tailoring your communication needs to the correct channel or platform helps to avoid crucial information getting lost or miscommunicated—yet another reason why it benefits hospitals to have a multi-platform communication system.

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