We’ve all been through it: a meeting that really could have been a phone call, a phone call that really could have been an email, a chain of emails that could have been rendered obsolete by simply walking across the office for five seconds of clarification. Not only does such inefficient workplace exchange waste time in many cases, but it also frustrates employees, who want nothing more than to get stuff done but find themselves mired down in a communication system that doesn’t work for them.

As office phone system pros, Central Telephone Sales and Service has solutions for all sorts of communication needs—from video calls to instant messaging to voice chats. We’re here to help you pick the right format for your next meeting with the tips below.

Consider the Purpose of the Meeting

Even writing a “mission statement” for the time spent can be helpful! Determining why, exactly—or if—you need communication in real time can help you decide between using your small business phone system to hold a conference call or using your comprehensive communication platform on your laptop for a quick announcement.

As a general rule, if your mission statement involves collaborative words like “discuss” or “analyze,” real-time communication in some way probably can facilitate it best. If it involves more presentation-esque words like “announce” or “brief,” you may not need to gather everyone, as simply disseminating the information will suffice.

Consider the Tech Your Workers Have Available

Especially important if you’re dealing with a remote team, changing your meeting’s format to streamline the process for everyone is sometimes a necessity. If, for example, you haven't invested in a premium, company-wide communication platform, you may not be able to make a large video call work.

Navigating technological waters in this respect can be tricky, but luckily with the help of a comprehensive telephone system and communication company like Central Telephone Sales and Service, this problem can become a thing of the past.

Consider the Personability Aspect

Each communication method carries a different level of closeness. While using text to get your message across might be convenient, for example, you do lose a lot of the warmth and humanity that a conversation over your business’s company phone system provides. Weigh which is more important in the meeting’s context—personable interaction or simplicity and elegance—and use the answer to select the format.

Central Telephone Sales and Service: For All Your Communication Needs

From comprehensive platforms to simplified digital phone systems for small businesses, our Plymouth team is a premium provider of personalized communication solutions. No matter the meeting format, we’ll help you make the most of it! Give us a call today at 763-550-2000.