Meetings are an important part of getting things done, and some attendees can’t be there in person, the conference call takes their place. Though remote communication has its difficulties, it’s crucial that your business gets it right – for the sake of your own workflow, sure, but also to create a good impression on any other companies you’re working with.

Central Telephone Sales & Service is here to help. Your Plymouth office phone system pros have a few tips on how to have a conference call that’ll enhance your company’s efficiency.

Regular Telephone System Maintenance Is a Must

We stress the importance of business phone maintenance a lot on our business phone systems blog, but in this case, it’s practically a prereq to a solid call, so it of course bears repeating.

When you can’t expect your company phone system to work consistently, you can’t count on a consistent line of communication. Not only does that hinder productivity, but it also ramps up office stress. There’s nothing like some good old technical difficulties to get the blood boiling!

For the sake of everyone in your company who is involved, invest in the performance of your telephone system and have it regularly serviced. In-person or remote – either works, so long as it keeps your phones going strong.

To Video or Not to Video?

Some applications like our Cloud-Based Phone Systems offer video calls, as well as the option for audio-only communications.

Which one is better for your personal needs? That depends on your business and the individual conference call itself.

Certainly not all calls must be video, so try not to become over-reliant on them. Meeting “face-to-face” can, however, be useful to get a better feel for the staff of another company, or to share visual mockups.

Vocal-only calls might be more useful for remote workers, who might be concerned about the appearance of their at-home office, or for going over more abstract items, such as a project agenda.

Flexibility Is Key

More and more people check into the office remotely these days – your business can benefit from technology that synergizes with the modern workforce’s flexibility.

Communication solutions that enable smartphone connectivity, for example, can help to minimize any logistical snags.

Consider Communication Tech to Circumnavigate Meetings Altogether

As important as virtual meetings are to the modern-day workflow, there is such a thing as too many of them; Entrepreneur Media attests to the detrimental effects of a surplus on team morale and productivity. When you schedule your workers’ time to the brim with meetings, you take away flexibility from their at-work schedule, which can result in a less agile workforce.

Plus, you might end up cutting into workers’ well-deserved at-home time! All of this means that you need to be smart about scheduling meetings if you want to use the tool to its highest potential.

Consider a business communications platform that supports multiple conversation avenues, like our Cloud-Based Phone Systems , so that information can be conveyed in the most efficient manner possible.

Try to Pick a Business Communications Platform and Stay There

If one department is a big fan of your instant message service, but another is full of die-hard email users, you’ll have communication issues; the same goes for when you’re trying to put together a conference call.

If one department is insistent on one application and another an entirely separate one, you’ll need to onboard one or the other, which wastes valuable time and can also lead to technical difficulties, frustration, and confusion.

Keep your business’s conference calls straightforward with a single, unified business communication platform like our Cloud-Based Phone Systems . Learn more about it in our blog on the topic!

Central Telephone Sales & Service: Your Partner in Efficient Communications

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