If some team members are sticking to remote work after the pandemic, one worry might be at the forefront of your mind: communication. Sure, you may have learned how to make things work, but it still might be tough not to be able to hop over to your coworker’s office next door and ask a few questions.

But don’t worry—Central Telephone, Plymouth telephone system pros, is here to help. We’ve got a few tips below to tighten up communication between remote workers, whether they’re just in the next town over or halfway across the world.

Daily Video Chats Keep Teams Tight

Of course, you don’t need to host an hour-long meeting first thing in the morning—in fact, good luck getting employee backing for that! But a five-to-ten minute chat at some point in the day, wherein everyone sees one another’s face and everyone shares and workshops their current goals, can stick your team together like glue. It also helps to make sure everyone is on the same page and that nothing gets lost in the day-to-day shuffle.

If you aren’t technologically inclined, don’t fret. Business phone systems and communication tech like the NEC Univerge Blue come with easy-to-use applications that make hopping on for a quick huddle easy.

Smartphone Integration Is a Must

Remote work is awesome in that it enables unparalleled flexibility. If your worker needs to take an hour away from their desk to pick their kid up from school, they can – they’ll just finish up their tasks after they come back.

However, there are times where work can’t wait, or your workers will want to take calls from otherwise inconvenient places. In these cases, having an office phone system that integrates well with smartphones is paramount.

Enable quick responses, long conversations, and get stuff done from wherever your workers are!

Keep Interruptions Down

We’re not talking about from-home interruptions – you, along with your employees, have little control over when the family cat decides to walk across the keyboard, for example.

We’re referring to lapses in technology – like connectivity problems or poor quality – that can hinder quick communication.

Preventing these is as easy as investing in a quality company phone system with applications that work as hard as your team does. When you’ve done everything you can to maintain communicative consistency, you’ll watch your workers do the same!

Central Telephone: Here to Help Your Company Succeed

We’ve got the small business phone systems your company needs to get ahead in today’s technologically focused workday. Give our Plymouth office a call today at 763-550-2000.