Did you know that switching to a different type of phone service can save even small businesses a significant amount of money, as well as preparing them for future expansion? Here are the top phone services for saving money and growing your business!


Cloud VoIP

We probably don't need to tell you that VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) can help you save money when it comes to business phone systems. Arranging to have your phone services delivered as data online comes with many benefits, including lower fees, less hardware to deal with, better call management, and easy customization for your particular business and employees. But there's more than one type of VoIP, and if you really want to save as much money as possible, consider using cloud VoIP.

Cloud VoIP is a bit like a hosted site, except a third party is taking care of all of your phone hardware needs. You don't need to worry about maintenance, new equipment, or anything but the headsets you choose to hook up to your computers. Cloud VoIP is also easily expandable, which means that prices will stay low even if your business grows in the future and you need to add more lines. Typical rates are determined per user, however, so prices will climb with multiple users.

Hosted PBX

PBX may not be your first idea when it comes to savings, but this very traditional commercial phone arrangement has also seen some upgrades, notably the hosted option, which is similar to cloud VoIP but generally in a more complex model designed to mimic PBX setups. Here, a third party will manage your PBX system for you so that all you have to do is answer the phones. Hosted systems tend to be less expensive than trying to run your own PBX, and if you find a good host then you may even be able to improve call quality and other features as well.

Automated Responses

While automated response systems may not directly impact how much you are paying for phone service, they are a significant additional cost for many companies. Switching to an automated response system allows you to guarantee that customers will always be answered no matter what time they call, so lead generation picks up. It also allows you to save money on an answering staff if your business suddenly booms and you can't cope with all the calls. The key here is to find a service that offers plenty of customization and great usability so your customers don't get offended and drop the call. Quality over quantity every time!

Virtual Phone Systems

This system "pushes" calls to mobile smartphones, home phones, and other specified devices. This is a great system to use if your office is BYOD and everyone is using their personal phones. You can save on buying equipment, and make sure that calls are received even after hours (at least by very dedicated employees).